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Virtual Interview with KT Pinto, Author of the Sto’s House Presents Series

This week, The Geek Girl Project would like to presents an interview with KT Pinto, who writes humorous urban fantasy!


What is the title of your most recent book, and what genre does it fit into?

My most recent book is Mutants on the Rocks, the second book in my “Sto’s House Presents…” series (the first one is called Beer with a Mutant Chaser).

The series is a comedic Urban Fantasy series.


What would you say Mutants on the Rocks is about?

The series is about a group of 20-something ne’er-do-wells who are mutated because of the toxic waste in the Staten Island Dump. With these powers they do not want to save the world, but find the world’s best microbrew and other silly things…


Who is your favorite character, and why?

It’s tough to pick a favorite character, as the group works like an ensemble cast in a sitcom. Sto, Jay, and Diana are the main triumvirate, with a handful of characters that all play off of each other’s words and actions.

But if I have to choose someone, I’d say my favorite character would be Michael, but that could just be because I have a thing for men in uniform…


What type of person do you believe this book will appeal to?

People familiar with the boroughs of New York City and surrounding areas would be interested in it, because the characters have most of their escapades in and around Staten Island. This would also be a book of interest for people who enjoy super hero stories, urban fantasy, comedies, action/adventure stores, and anthologies, as each chapter is written like a short story or TV episode (think Soap or Animaniacs). It’s also for people who enjoy brain candy; these book are Robert Aspirin as opposed to J.R.R. Tolkien, Sarah Strohmeyer instead of Agatha Christie.


Can you tell us about one challenge you had to overcome in order to make this book a reality?

Keeping the book fun and funny, but still interesting. There has to be a balance of actual story within the comedy, but the story couldn’t be too heavy or dark for a long time, or it would ruin the fun of the books. It also couldn’t be too light and silly, otherwise the story would lose its cohesiveness and the plot line would suffer.


Based on your personal experience, do you believe that there are any unique challenges that women writers face within your genre?

I actually have two main genres in which I write. The first is the previously mentioned urban fantasy. I also have a series of alternate history vampyre novels presently known as ‘The Books of Insanity’ (although that may change in the near future). In both cases, one of the problems I encounter often is the assumption that because I am a woman, I must write romance. The reactions of people (including editors!) when they find out that what I write is either bloody and violent or silly and low-brow boarders usually on sexist and asinine.

For example, I actually was told by an anonymous judge of a horror contest that what I wrote was “too horrific” because children were involved in the story. I’m thinking that may not have been said if I was a male author. I responded, “Well, being that this is a horror contest, I should be a shoe-in to win then.”

Sadly, he didn’t find the humor in my response.


If you could give one piece of advice to every aspiring author, what would it be?

Although there are many things I would advise a budding author, the best advice I can give is this: Figure out who your TRUE friends are, and keep them close (if not literally, then via regular communication).

Your true friends will tell you honestly if your work is good or bad.

Your true friends will listen to your rambles and laments and offer sound advice.

Your true friends will help pull you out of your numerous funks (and trust me, you will have them).

Your true friends will get you out of the house and away from your work.

Your true friends will yell at you to get back to work when you’ve been away too long.

Your true friends will inspire you every day.

Not everyone is your true friend; choose carefully and wisely.


What three words best describe your writing process?

Procrastination. Write. Eat.

But of course, it’s more like:

Prooooocraaaastinaaaation… write, write, write, write, write, write, write… proooocraaaastinaaaation… eat… write, write, write, write, write, write, write…


What authors or novels have influenced your writing or style?

For my alternate history books: Laurell K. Hamilton, Harry Turtledove, Alison Weir, and Elizabeth Peters. The novel Interview with a Vampire started my passion with vampire mythos, although it’s the only Anne Rice novel I’ve read.

For my urban fantasy books: Terry Pratchet, Robert Asprin, Spider Robinson, and many cosy mysteries too numerous to count.


What are you currently reading?

Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold by Terry Brooks and A Time To Kill by John Grisham


Do you have any new projects in the works?

Mutants with a Twist, book #3 in the “Sto’s House Presents…” series, is slated to be released in May 2013.

I also received a DCA Premier Grant from the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island to write End of the Rainbow, where I rewrite the myths from an alternate lifestyle perspective. I will be doing a reading from this project at Bent Pages, NYC’s only remaining LGBT bookstore, on October 11th at 7pm.

I also have a handful of short stories in various anthologies coming out next year.


Is your work available in print, as a ebook, or both? Why did you decide to (or not to) publish in each format?

Most are available in both formats. I have no say in how they get published. If I had my way, I’d have them published on stone pallets in Sanskrit if that would increase sales. It’s the publishers’ decision in which format the books are presented.


Open question (is there anything else you’d like to share with us)?

It is always dangerous to give me free rein to talk! My one last thought would be to mention to use the internet as much as possible for promotion.

I am a Luddite, and even I will sing the praises of the web. Facebook – even with all the issues I have with it – is a HUGE doorway to fans you may not have found otherwise.

Also, linking sites is very important. I write one thing on Live Journal, and it goes to my Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreadspages. I also have a Constant Contact newsletter that I send out regularly, and an author page on Amazon where all my work can be seen (and bought) at once. This is on top of my website (, which has links to all the other sites.



I hope you have enjoyed this interview with KT Pinto. Her “Sto’s House Presents…” series sounds like good fun!


Happy writing and reading until next time!



KT’ Pinto’s books can be found in print and electronic format via her author page. 

KT has no dots in her name. Her name is just a K and a T. Neither the K or the T stand for anything. They are not her initials or an abbreviation of a longer name. They are just two simple letters that the author chose to be her name for no particular reason… and the weirdness doesn’t stop there. Join KT as she takes you on adventures with crazy vampyres, grumpy mutants, playful gods, crotchety genies, and many more unforgettable characters. KT started writing when she was twelve, and started writing well when she was 18… and she hasn’t stopped since. Enjoy the fruits of her labor, but be wary of the shiny red apple. For more information, go to



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