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What I’m Playing: Fluxx


My own battle-scarred Fluxx box. (photo by Allie O’Neal, cover art property of Looney Labs)

Although the card game Fluxx was invented by Andy and Kristen Looney, who met at NASA, learning to play it is certainly not rocket science. The basic rules of the game fit on one card: “Draw 1 card per turn. Play 1 card per turn.” But, with every turn, or even multiple times in one turn, other cards can modify these rules.

New rules can change the number of draws and plays, limit the number of cards you can have in your hand, or provide bonuses for various reasons. Rules of the same type replace the previous one, but there are several other kinds that can accumulate. Some rules modify the win condition. The basic rules don’t have a win condition. Players play Goal cards to change the win condition at a moment’s notice, very often waiting until they have achieved it for a sudden win.

That ability to end the game at any moment is one of my favorite aspects of the game. Unlike with most games, where you can often see who is going to win ahead of time, there’s no way to tell with Fluxx. Most of the goals have to do with the accumulation of Keeper cards, but some goals only require one card, while others require you to have Creepers, cards that usually prevent you from winning.

This anything-goes game also has several action cards. These cards can add challenge to the game or make it easier by removing conflicting cards.

If this explanation sounds confusing, I might let Wil Weaton clear it up for you. He played the game Star Fluxx on an episode of his show, Tabletop. There are nine versions of Fluxx besides the classic version, so there’s probably one you’ll love.

I’ve loved the game since the first time I played it. My husband and I had the privilege to learn the game from Andy Looney himself at an Origins Game Fair, and we’ve been pulling out our Fluxx cards in random places ever since. There’s nearly always time for a quick game of Fluxx, but it’s hard to just play once.

 I played a lot of Fluxx in the cold month of January. Tell us your favorite version of Fluxx or another card game on Facebook.


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