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Review: Snapshot #3 Picks up the Pace!

snapshot03_coverI’ve been enjoying Snapshot: It’s an excellent mystery story about a young man who finds the wrong phone in the park and ends up having to fight murders. That said, Snapshot #3 is not my favorite issue in the series so far. A big part of the appeal in issues #1 and 2 was watching two ordinary people as they tried to survive finding themselves facing a mysterious group willing to kill to stay hidden. Their survival involved equal amounts of brains and luck, and through the first issues, was believable.

Snapshot #3 stretches credulity, though. The two are still smart, still taking advantage of every opening they can find—but now they are clearly outmatched and their survival takes an insane amount of luck, almost too much to believe. Now, two people who have no idea how to fight are facing a number of fully-armed, trained killers.

What did I like?

I still like the art. Jock’s black and white work adds a noir feel to the proceedings. The covers, in particular, have been stunning, and this one is no exception. They raise just the right kinds of questions and are beautiful in their own right: Black and with just a touch of red.

The police investigators strike me as smarter than the average “dumb cops” of the traditional mystery. They can’t just jump in and grab people—as yet, they don’t know who to grab—but Gray’s suspicion of Jake is both believable and also nuanced: He wants Jake for questioning partly because he might be the killer and partly because things just don’t add up and, quite reasonably, he wants the missing pieces in the puzzle.

Callie and Jake may be depending on obscene amounts of luck, but if one accepts that luck, then their actions still ring true: Part pluck, part desperation, and part intelligence. And brava to Callie for not just standing there and playing hostage the whole time! Also, I like the relationship between the two: It’s an alliance of necessity. They trust one another, they stand up for one another, but they haven’t had time to really talk, so they don’t really know what to expect at any given moment.

I have no idea how Diggle is going to finish this in one issue, but I am looking forward to finding out!

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written by ANDY DIGGLE
art and covers by JOCK
letters by CLEM ROBINS
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: April 3, 2013








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