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Advance Review: Snapshot #4


The best sorts of endings are the ones you didn’t see coming, but which were inevitable once they happened. This is one such ending.

I take back any complaints about Snapshot #3 (and they were minor). In-context, it all works perfectly.

Before we go any further: I’m going to do my best not to have spoilers in here because, believe me, this is not a book you want spoiled, but any comment I make (even the above) will enable the intelligent reader to guess something, so if you want to go into the reading experience completely unspoiled, just take my word for it: Snapshot #4 is the perfect finish to the series. Go, read, and come back to talk about it in the comments.

For those of you who want a little more detail, read on. I’m still going to try to avoid spoilers, so it won’t be a long review, and anyway, this one is more singing praises than deeply analyzing.

The story takes a darker turn, with more difficult choices for Jake and Callie. Again, their decisions ring true: They are ordinary humans faced with what turns out to be a frighteningly banal evil. And, yes, we meet the real big bad in this issue. You know how a lot of villains–including some of my favorites– are written with the assumption that they’re heroes in their own eyes? Diggle has remembered another kind: The kind that just doesn’t care. No, he’s not insane–not Joker-style, anyway. He just doesn’t care. The confrontation is chilling.

The art is, as always, superb, strong and stark, matching the story perfectly, essential to it.

And…I’d better shut up or I’ll give more away than I meant to.

Snapshot is a must-read, ok? It’s that simple.

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Story:Andy Diggle
letters by CLEM ROBINS
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: April 3, 201

GGP review of Snapshot #3

$2.99 Diamond ID: MAR130590 May 01, 2013

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