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A Look at the ‘The Painted Ladies of San Quentin’ by Jason Lenox

A few panels of “The Painted Ladies of San Quentin” with Jason Lenox's amazing artwork.

A few panels of “The Painted Ladies of San Quentin” with Jason Lenox’s amazing artwork.

I got to sit down with Jason Lenox as Scifi Valley Con a month ago and talk a little about Ugli Studios and his comic book ‘The Painted Ladies of San Quentin.’ Not only is the artwork amazing, but the story behind the story is equally amazing.

The teaser for the comic book states: “A violent western set in the backdrop of a dangerous Northern California town in 1850 as a land deal gone wrong turns the wheels of violence on the guilty and innocent alike and only one man is willing to stand up for what’s right, Elijah Holman.”

The premise is that it is the land rush of Old California and a whorehouse sits on a piece of land that is wanted desperately to build a new Prison, “San Quentin.” As these stories tend to go, things do not bode well for the women of the brothel and mysteriously, they are all killed, putting into a motion a string of vengeance that will destroy all in its path.

The truly amazing part is Jason has been working with the San Quentin Prison News (yes, the actual newspaper of the prison!) and with the prisoners themselves, getting their feed back on this project. As the prison’s website states: “the inmate-produced newspaper at San Quentin State Prison, California’s oldest prison and one of the best-known prisons in the world.” The prisoners have been giving his comic rave reviews and are very pleased with how it is going. Tommy Winfrey of The San Quentin Prison News has stated, “‘The Painted Ladies of San Quentin’ is a fantastic mix of history and fantasy. The artwork is visually stunning and appeals to the eye. The true history of San Quentin is represented with the outlaws, scoundrels, and crocked politicians that put San Quentin on the map. I give the graphic novel high marks for entertainment value alone.”

Jason’s comic book wouldn’t have been one I would have normally picked up, but after talking to Jason and hearing the story behind it, it caught my attention and his artwork and story line are both stunning!

Jason is funding this comic book via Kickstarter and only has a short time left on it! This would be one comic totally worth getting and helping to fund!

You can check out his Kickstarter here!


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