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Eye of the Storm: Welcome to the Family


Eye of the Storm, by Aimee Kuzenski, is the first book in the new Deus Ex Famillia series. Written primarily from the perspective of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the story follows him taking over the body of Camilla Sykes, a young Lieutenant at West Point. War is under attack from his former lover, the spirit of discord, Eris. Camilla must help War get to his siblings, all of whom are gods and goddess, so that they can stop Eris by the proper rules of order for their kind.

Kuzenski uses the concept of many different gods and goddesses and manages to blend them with their names and personalities across many cultures. It is interesting to see War referred to in many different ways, but when there are a large group of gods and goddesses together, the different names becomes confusing unless you have a strong knowledge of various religions. The story is fast-paced and alternates between the shared memories of Camellia and War, and the third person experiences of Ian, a man possessed by the spirit of Eris.

In Eye of the Storm, Kuzenski plays with gender roles by possessing Camellia with the masculine spirit of War and Ian with the feminine spirit of Eris. Camellia spends much of her time fighting War as he tries to take control of her body. It was uncomfortable to read this section, as the takeover was very much akin to rape. Camellia even references her mind being taken over as a form of assault. Camellia does reverse this role, however, as she discovers her ability to regain control over her own limbs and give advice to War in order to defeat Eris. More disturbing that Camellia’s take over is Eris using Ian’s mental illness against him to slowly torment him as she works to destroy War. This was equally uncomfortable for the reader.

For a former English major with a few years of mythology under my belt, this was a fantastic read. The interactions forced you to consider whether or not a random encounter with a character was really War talking to another of his siblings. From Kings of the Sidhe to Thanatos, many gods and goddesses peered out of the darkness and back at the reader. With an ending ripe for a sequel, the Deus Ex Famillia series promises to be an enjoyable adventure for those with strong constitutions and interest in the apocalypse. Aimee Kuzenski’s Eye of the Storm is a good book to drift into Autumn with.

Eye of the Storm is available now from Amazon.


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  1. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks so much for the review! I’ve got the sequel started and I’m hoping it will be released in about a year. Let me know if you’re interested in reviewing the second book!


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