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Heroes of Cosplay: Emerald City

I feel that I should say with the review of this show, I do try to keep it objective while still pointing out that this show has portrayed this culture incorrectly.  With any cultural aspect there is, both positive and negative sides exist.  This show does puts a small portion into the spot light. It does not show the majority of the culture.  With the differnet issues, I’ve found myself having trouble writing this review.  That is why this review is a week late.

After being jaded by episode one, I was not holding out any hope for the second one.  Then, they bring out Chloe.  At first I thought she was just going to be another one of the other girls who wants nothing more than to compete.  When the cast started to tell her about the “rules of cosplay,” her reaction gave me hope.  Chloe is the first real look at a cosplayer on this show.

With Chloe, we get to finally see cosplay.  When she buys the materials, she comments on the cost.  Cosplay can be done for under a hundred dollars.  However, for the most part the costumes run hundreds of dollars.

The show has the cosplayers meeting for dinner and discussing body types.  Chloe was defending people who choose to cosplay characters they love. Everyone, including Yaya, stated that you should cosplay for your body type.  Chloe stated that cosplay is about fun and enjoying the costume.  She is right.  The costumes that are the best loved by the crowds are the ones that are labors of love.

There was also the issue of “sexy cosplay.”  In the cosplay world this is known as fan service.  You take a character and make it sexy, drop the neck line and shorten the hem line.  There is a danger to fan service.  If people see you in a “sexy” cosplay they will make comments on the chest, bottom, and just make the cosplayer feel like an object.  As a cosplayer you need to be aware of the costume you wear.  There are always going to be those people that make the cosplayer feel like an object.

This brings up the project “Cosplay doesn’t not equal Consent.”  This project is cosplayers and crossplayers (people who cosplay characters of the opposite gender) stating their sexual harassment.   It wants to see the end of the sexual harassment that may occur.  This is a good project, but there is more needed, the cosplayer should take a stand.  If someone is touching them, tell them to stop and inform a security person.  That is the best way to get it to stop.

Heroes of Cosplay - Season 1


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