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Kill Shakespeare The Tide of Blood comes to a stunning conclusion in “An Unclean Mind”

Kill Shakespeare Tide of Blood 5 Mcreery Del Col Belanger

It has been a tale of loss from the beginning, and these losses come home in An Unclean Mind as Prospero laments his dead wife, Romeo deals with the loss of Juliet, and Miranda faces her lost innocence. Prospero and Shakespeare face each other in a final battle, and Lady Macbeth has her opinion to add.

The mirroring, present throughout, reaches a new, and sometimes surprising level here. Prospero mirrors Shakespeare and seeks to replace him. Miranda mirrors Juliet (this was a surprise to me; the rest of you may already have seen it!). Hamlet and Romeo mirror one another (Romeo thinks Hamlet is the “moon”; I am not so sure). Sometimes, the reflections are clearly the lesser of the pair, sometimes not.

It’s an intense book, and Del Col and McCreery make full use of the Shakespearean background for maximum impact while still telling what is very much their own story. In the last two volumes, I spent a lot of time admiring Lady Macbeth and Juliet. They’re still powerful here, but it’s Prospero who comes to the front, as he should. It’s his island, and, face it, he’s an awesome character—either here or in The Tempest.

By the by (mild spoiler here), I mentioned in my last review that I couldn’t see how Del Col and McCreery were going to tie things up. It’s very simple: They don’t. Oh, the island plot reaches a conclusion, but there are definitely plenty of loose ends and Titus is still out there, somewhere on the mainland, and if he’s anything like the Shakespearean original, he’s a nasty customer. Also, the there is a new complication coming up to trouble everyone in the next volume.

One of my goals in reviewing this volume was to see if it could be read without having read the others. Now that I know it can, I’m going to go read the first two and then reread this one to see how it’s affected by the reread. Believe me, it’s taken quite a lot of self-control to keep away from them for this long, but for you, dear readers, I will endure such privation!

What about you? What did you think? Looking forward to volume 6 or ready to breathe a bit while you digest volume 5?

Kill Shakespeare Vol. 5 is stores August 28 2013, FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Who’s Who:
Conor McCreery & Anthony Del Col, writers
Andy Belanger (Art)
Shari Chankhamma (Colors)
Chris Mowry (Lettering)
Simon Davis (Cover)

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