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Interview: Jason Blum, Producer of The Purge, Insidious and Paranormal Activity


Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the newly-revamped live attraction, “The Purge: Fear The Night.”  Produced by Blumhouse Productions and with the minds of Josh Randall, Kris Thor, Josh Simon and Jason Blum, this attraction has gone from infamous to unforgettable.  I had the opportunity to sit down with Jason Blum to discuss Blumhouse’s other numerous goals and projects, in the opulent Variety Arts Theatre ballroom, before experiencing Blumhouse’s latest live event.


Geek Girl Project: I’ve noticed Blumhouse isn’t afraid of Science Fiction ventures, such as Dark Skies.  Are you of the camp that looks at Sci-Fi and Horror to be hand-in-hand, or that there is a bigger differentiation between the two?

Jason Blum: I think some certainly; some sci-fi is horror and some sci-fi is not.  Dark Skies is a sci-fi horror movie, for sure.  The Truman Show is a science fiction movie that is not.

Geek Girl Project: I’ve been a huge for Blumhouse for years.  Would Blumhouse ever be open to doing an all-out adaption of something like a book or graphic novel in the future?

Jason Blum:We have 2 or 3 books that were adapted, and for television we have something coming up for MTV called Eye Candy, which is set to start filming in two weeks.  Catherine Hardwicke is doing it and it is also based on a book.  It’s based on the R. L. Stine’s Eye Candy.

Geek Girl Project: So you are still actively pursuing scripted television?

Jason Blum: We’re doing a lot of scripted TV.  We’re doing this pilot for MTV, we’re doing a series for SyFy, we have a lot in development. And unscripted tv, too.  Things like Stranded, stuff like that.

Geek Girl Project: In regards to The Purge: Fear The Night, do you feel that your new development of it with a more linear path has changed the event at all?  Do you feel that by delving in deeper, you have uncovered even more of the story you were hoping to tell?

Jason Blum: We thought a lot about that.  And we’ve been talking about the sequel too.  We’ve been thinking a lot about how The Purge would affect people and what they do and how they would feel about it, so yeah, it definitely expands on the whole concept by doing something like this and doing the sequel it makes you think of all the different avenues you can go down.  There’s lots of Purges.

Geek Girl Project: Do you hope to have these Blumhouse of Horrors events to become more like one of your inspirations, the Sleep No More event in New York, and have it be a year-round event?  Or at different times throughout the year?

Jason Blum: Yes.  I do hope that we can do other live events not just in October. I think Sinister would be a great live event.  I have no plans yet, but I think Sinister would be really cool.


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