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Why We’re Playing: Extra Life

Extra Life: Play Games. Heal Kids

(credit: Extra Life)

You might recognize the familiar hot air balloon logo for the Children’s Miracle Network. They’ve been helping children for 30 years, and with their focus on helping local hospitals, there’s probably a CMN hospital somewhere near you.

If you’re wondering what this charity has to do with gaming, let me tell you about Extra Life. On or around November 2, gamers are going to pick up their mouse or controller or even sit down for a table top game and play for about 25 hours. (That extra hour is for teams who are playing when we “Fall Back.”) Each team can do things a little differently, so while some teams have been playing since Wednesday, others won’t start until after MineCon. How or when you play isn’t as important as finding a team and supporting them.

Each team has their own page on the Extra Life website, so if you have favorites on YouTube or Twitch, you can see if they have a team and donate to that team. Many teams are doing incentive giveaways or other contests. Blizzard is even $120,000 to the hospitals who win their contests. If you don’t know someone on a team, you may be able to find a team playing for a hospital in your area, but if not, here are some suggestions of teams you can support as they “Play games. Heal Kids.”

  • Gaming Mommies start Saturday at 8am. If you participate with them, you might win Steam games, t-shirts, gift cards, or e-books.
  • Review Dad is offering prizes for those using the Rafflecopter or even just sharing his page via Social media.
  • The Geek and Sundry Vloggers have already raised $6000 of their $7500 goal. (They’re also going to be at Comikazi.)
  • Team Nerdist is going to be streaming their entire event via Google Plus as a Hangout. Pick one of their team members to sponsor, and help them get to $10k.
  • Game Informer is right at 2/3 of their $15k goal. If you like their magazine and podcasts, consider supporting their team.
  • GameSpot is doing a 50 Hour Global Megastream. After all, it’s been Nov. 2 for a while already in other parts of the world. You can watch them on Twitch.
  • The Raptr team has been playing since Wednesday, and they’re less than $1000 short of their goal. As an added bonus, they are offering Raptr Rewards to those who sponsor their team.
  • Captain Sparklez is part of team KBMOD and the Internet Famous. Due to MineCon, he’s not doing his 8-hour Twitch stream until Nov. 9, so you have an extra week if you’re donating to him. He’s got a personal goal of $25k, and his team has an overall goal of $100k.
  • If you like to troll Reddit, don’t worry, we won’t tell. The good news is that they have a huge team, playing for hospitals in many areas. With the full force of Reddit behind them, They’re already over half way to their $100k goal.

Anyone you know that I missed? Tell me in the comments here or on Facebook. Remember, even if you can’t donate (why not?), you can still help these folks out by spreading the word, so share this post, and then pick a team and cheer them on.


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