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Geeks Who Drink Celebrates 50 Years of the Doctor with Don’t Blink: A Doctor Who Quiz

You know your Zygons from your Daleks. You’ve perfected your “Allons-y” battle cry and given the Pandorica speech more times than you can count. If you’ve got your bow tie primed and your sonic screwdriver at the ready, there is a pub quiz just for you. Don’t Blink: A Doctor Who Quiz, occurs Saturday November 16th, just one week before the hotly anticipated “Day of the Doctor” 50th Anniversary Special.

Geeks Who Drink, a Denver-based pub quiz company, has compiled a quiz spanning the 50 years of the famous BBC franchise into one evening event. The company is known for it’s previous event quizes, covering Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and most recently, Breaking Bad.

Doctor Who has been around for fifty years, which should give our writers plenty of material to work with” says Geeks Who Drink Head Editor Christopher Short.

The one night only event-quiz focuses mainly on the most recent seasons of Doctor Who, but Classic fans will not be disappointed. We expect a majority of the attendees might only be familiar with the last three Doctors,” Short says. “But we want to make sure fans of the old series have some Easter Egg moments.”

Quiz teams are limited to a six player max, with a $5 admission fee for each player and total prizes in the hundreds of dollars. Admission is first come/first served, thus many players will show up hours in advance. Some locations will feature special videos and costume contests.



Albuquerque | O’Neill’s Heights | 9pm

Austin | Opal Divines (Penn Field) | 9pm

Boston | Common Ground | 6pm

Brooklyn | SuperCollider | 7pm

Chicago | Municipal Bar | 5:30pm

Colorado Springs | Phantom Canyon | 1pm

Dallas/Fort Worth | Zio Carlo’s | 7pm

Denver | Rackhouse Pub | 2pm

Fort Collins, CO | Black Bottle Brewery | 9pm

Glendale, CA | Complex LA | 5:30pm

Kansas City | Snow and Co. | 6pm

Madison, WI | Buck and Badger | 3:30pm

Twin Cities | Cardinal Restaurant | 7pm

Portland, OR | The Tardis Room | 2pm (additional seatings at 5pm and 8pm if there’s enough demand)

Rochester, NY | Lovin’ Cup | 5pm

Salt Lake City | Devil’s Daughters | 7pm

Sacramento | Capitol Garage | 8pm

San Antonio | Firehouse Pub | 2pm

Seattle | Montlake Ale House | 7:30pm

Tucson | Hotel Congress | 7pm



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