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Geek Poem of the Week 11/23/2013

On the Fields of Trenzalore

By Victoria Irwin

Doctor Who – 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor

Keep warm, you say?

Stop. You’re Making Me Giddy,

No, no, no

Is that a tear Sarah Jane? Where there’s life there’s….

It’s the end,

But the moment has been prepared for.

I don’t know. It feels different this time.

Carrot Juice?

I’ve got to stop….


Physician, heal thy self

but remember

I just want to say you were fantastic

Absolutely fantastic, and so was I.

But of course,

I don’t want to go…..


Victoria Irwin  is the Resident Whovian for and the Managing Editor for the Geek Girl Project. She is currently in London for the 50th Doctor Who Celebration.



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