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Allegiance: Dragonics and Runics Continues Strong in the Second Book of the Series

Allegiance_ Dragonics & Runics Part II - A. Wrighton

A. Wrighton has released her second novel in the Dragonic and Runics Series, entitled Allegiance. The story follows a young woman nicknamed Mouse, a duelist and missing member of a prestigious family in the Council Senate. Betrayed by an ally, her family was slaughtered and she presumed dead as a small child. Though a blade sliced her throat, it took her voice and not her life. Forced to remain in hiding she is discovered by one of the Rogues and becomes a strong ally and possible link to the Council.

Back again are Alaister Paine and Kalyna, as well as the rest of the Rogues who are struggling to end the reign of the council and protect the people. As in the first book, Defiance, they must hide in the shadows to spare the lives of their members and fulfill a great prophecy.

Mouse, despite her name, is a strong character that spends a good deal of her time actually fighting instead of just sitting around and reflecting on her emotions as far too many female characters are apt to do. She does not just carry swords, she uses them to genuinely kick bad guy butt.  There are of course elements of romance and justice. I would be lying if I was not moved by the romantic character interactions or surprised by certain betrayals.

In addition to mouse are a wealth of female characters that provide strength and support for the Rogues in their own right. Vee and Kalyna are both strong runics who use their magic to save the day and create. Princess Chloe is all regal and all tree climber, using her influence and physical skills to get the Rogues out of scrapes and Mouse into the spotlight.

A. Wrighton makes dragons an important part of the story, but not in an overwhelming way or just as a backdrop piece as so many fantasy novels do. Yes, there is a good deal less of their action than the first book, Defiance, but their importance is highlighted and used rather than there just being a mention here or there about how dragons exist.

A. Wrighton has done what so few small press authors have accomplished; she has written a second book that not only holds up to the first, but exceeds expectations. Allegiance is available from Amazon, as well as others to follow. If dragons and sword fighting are in your interest, this is the book for you. If you like strong female characters that you don’t have to intentionally be told over and over are strong female characters, this book is for you. Let’s face it, if you have a pulse, a heart and any interest in fantasy, grab the Dragonic and Runic’s series right now.



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