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12 Days of Christmas: A Steampunk Guide to Christmas Music

As a musician, music is a huge part of my life, but also a very eclectic part, as GeekGirlAllie can attest to from riding in the car with me.  Here are some of my favorite pics for Holiday listening pleasure!

Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society: Clockwork Carols

I stumbled across this on They have an unique sound of very traditional, Victorian era mixed with odd beats and a little remixing. It gives a very updated sound to very traditional carols!

Electronic Swing Invasion: Steampunk Christmas

This is another group I just wandered past and was suddenly transfixed. It’s very catchy and has a good beat. It takes classic recordings of  “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and remixes it to a new beat working on other songs as it goes.

You can check out there music here: Itunes

Abney Park: Through Your Eyes On Christmas Eve

Abney Park has a great Steampunk sound with a slightly exotic flare to it. Their music tends to be thoughtful and reminiscent of the deck of an airship.

Acts of Congress: Christmas Volume 1 and Volume 2

Our last selection isn’t exactly Steampunk, but still keeping with the flavor. Acts of Congress is an acoustic group that mixes folk, country, and pop into blend that has an upbeat flavor and harmonies to it.

What are you favorite geek Christmas songs or groups? Let us know!



  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Professor Elemental and Miss Von Trapp duetting Fairytale of CSI New York:

    • Rebecca Miller

      Thank you so much for sharing! I adore the Professor! Look forward to hearing more of your music!!!

  3. GEAReetings & Salutations EsSTEAMed Ms. Miller,

    A most splendiferous article indeed!
    I just wanted to call your attention to, “The Eternal Frontier’s”, NEWLY RELEASED, Steampunk Christmas Album, “Season’s GEAReetings from The Eternal Frontier!”, available here:

    Please peruse their NEW YouTube music video for the single, “Santa’s Making Time”:

    Be sure to let me know your thoughts.
    From our Frontier to yours, a preemptive Happy Holidays to ALL!

    Retrofuturistically Yours,
    Professor Adam Smasher
    Starburner Galactic Courier Service Agent #16


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