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Geek & Sundry Vlogs Christmas Round-Up

Geek & Sundry Vlog Christmas Round-Up

This look and more can be found at the Geek & Sundry Vlogs YouTube channel. (Image: Katie Satow)

If you don’t watch Geek & Sundry Vlogs, you’re missing out on some of the best geek vloggers on YouTube. Christmas is on everyone’s mind this time of year, and here are some of their holiday-themed offerings.

I’m no make-up expert, but fortunately, Katie Satow is. Whether you’re a fashionista or that girl who feels a bit out of place at the cosmetics counter, Katie has tips you can use. She gets into the Christmas spirit by demonstrating how to give your finger nails that Christmas sweater look, then geeks it up by making them Star Wars themed!

Slightly off-topic, but irresistible is Katie’s video of her using products provided by Espionage Cosmetics (including their Nailed It! nail wraps) to give herself a Smaug look, suitable for Hobbit-themed events or any time you want to look a little more like a dragon.

Paul Mason, the DIY Guy, sews up an Adventure Time Christmas Stocking. It’s a very clever project, and the first part of the directions are good for any kind of stocking you may want to make from scratch.

Gift Guides:

I’ve included three gift guide videos on this list. Even if you’ve done all of your shopping for the year, you may save these for birthdays all year ’round.

The first is Sachie’s What to Get a Cosplayer. My favorite piece of advice from this video is to not shy away from getting the crafter or cosplayer in your life a gift card. And those need not be limited to craft stores. As Geek Girl Rebecca says: “Lowes, for all your Jedi needs.”

Amy Dallen, who loves “Talkin Comics,” talks in her video about the gifts you can give the comic (or Neil Gaiman) lover on your list.

The final vlogger is Cristina Viseu, who has a list of things to buy for the person whose passion is photography.

What if you’re in the mood to be giving, but don’t have much to give? Check out 2 Broke Geeks and their video “Broke and Charitable.”

I hope you enjoyed watching these videos as much as I did!


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