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Lost Planet: First Colony


Humanity is struggling to survive. Without a new planet, the people of earth will die on the polluted rock of their own creation. A flicker of hope appears in the prospects of planet E.D.N. III – only to be crushed by the planet being hastily abandoned. Hearing of the booty left on the planet’s surface, the crew of the Crusader hope to be rewarded with an easy mark. Will they be rewarded with a plentiful plunder? Or will they be forever welcomed into the planet’s cold embrace.

Lost Planet™ First Colony is a prequel – set 40 years before the last iteration, Lost Planet 3, within the Lost Planet® video game series. We’re introduced to a rag tag team of space pirates from Crusader posing as terrorists in order to skim data from Neo Venus Construction (NEVEC) – one of the most powerful companies in space colonization. Crusader’s captain, Jane, is eager and willing to put her crew at risk.

Lost Planet™ First Colony was written by Izu, AKA Guillaume Dorison, who’s also known for Devil May Cry: Virgil. Unlike Virgil, First Colony is able to establish a rich history from the Lost Planet® series. However, Izu falls too much into established stereotypes from the characters vocation. What Izu does do well is building a solid foundation for his female characters. He doesn’t treat them differently or presume them weak in their language. They remain formidable creations within his story and development. Overall I do feel a bit like I’m perusing an iteration of the Alien movie series with Sigourney Weaver at the helm.

Massimo Dall’oglio, an Italian artist, creates the background for the story. The coloring is strong – the warms are radiating and the cools are chilling. Something unique I find in his style is in inverted images. He doesn’t maintain a straight view. As you flip the pages, you’re rolled and tossed around within the climate of E.D.N. III. The face designs also resemble what you would normally experience in an Anime – his designs are, in my opinion, a Japanese interpretation of American as designed by an Italian.

Overall Lost Planet™ First Colony is nothing special. The story is a bit dull in both story and illustration. Once you’re done, you’re done. Fans of the series may have more to write home about, but, unfortunately for me, I don’t have a lot of lingering feelings overall. Feel free to prove me wrong and give it a read yourself. Lost Planet™ First Colony is available now from Titan Comics.



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