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Imagine Agents #4 The End?

ImagineAgents_04_rev_Page_1In Imagine Agents #4 (of 4), Joines and Bachan’s tale of two agents tasked with hunting down imaginary creatures run amok comes to a close. This installment is just as much fun as the previous three.

Dapple, having escaped custody and grown to truly monstrous proportions in the last issue is now bent on revenge. He has Elliot; he has Furdlegurr, and he’s swallowed most of his would-be followers. Now he’s after the rest of the city. The agents are outclassed. Agent Dave is ready to give up, and only Blounder holds onto any hope of ending the situation, or of explaining what happened to Agent Dave’s Figment years ago.

So much for tension, of which there is plenty. What’s missing from this summary is the humor, as when Agent Terry tells Eliot’s mother that they’re “getting ahold of the Tokyo branch. We’re pretty sure they know how to handle ginormous figments over there.” Or when he recounts his recent adventures, prompting Elliot’s mother to insist on coming along on the rescue attempt. And there are still the figments themselves, a varied and colorful bunch that show that Bachan hasn’t left his own childhood imaginary playmate too far behind.

The closing is sweet—almost too sweet, but definitely prepared for, and part of a series that has been a joy to read. The book ends with a question mark after The End. Here’s hoping that there are many future installments in the Imagine Agents series!


Who’s Who
Creator and writer: Brian Joines
Artist: Bachan
Colors: Ruth Redmond
Letters: Deron Bennet
Cover art: Khary Randolph
Cover colors: Matthew Wilson
Variant Cover: Felipe Smith











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