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Geek & Sundry Presents Superhero Comedy: Caper

When four superhero friends can't make rent, it's time for a Caper.

Dagr, Penny, Luke, and Alexia in Caper. (image: Geek and Sundry)

When four superhero friends can’t make rent, it’s time for a Caper. From the imagination of Amy Berg (Eureka) and Mike Sizemore, Caper is Geek and Sundry’s first scripted show for 2014 and their first show to premier on Hulu alongside their YouTube channel. The first two episodes went up today, and they are only 11 minutes long each, so you have time to watch both.

The show’s narrator is super genius Penny Blue, played by Abby Miller (Justified). The only human in the group, she built The Machine for billionaire Sam Clarke, but later stole it back. Now she is The Machine, but Clarke is using his money and influence to keep her from getting a new job.

Alexia—played by Beth Riesgraf from Leverage—is an Amazon who gave up her birthright to join the Assassin’s Guild at age 13. You don’t want to mess with this leather-clad blonde.

Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee) plays Luke Washington, known as The Trooper, as in paratrooper. He’s half alien and all American. He gave up the life of a poor journalist to become an even poorer blogger.

If Thor had ten more younger brothers, the youngest would be Dagr (Hartley Sawyer from Glory Dayz). He comes from an alternate dimension ruled by Vikings, but he’s the runt of the family. He shaves with an axe and bears the Sun Shield.

The show’s quirky sense of humor is apparent everywhere, from the setting, The City of Angles “where everybody’s got one,” to the way grown men fanboy over The Machine. One unique feature is in the action sequences. When the four suit up to fight crime, the show visually changes to a motion comic style of panel artwork, drawn by Dave Kennedy. In an interview with The Nerdist, Amy Berg explains why they went that direction:

All the live-action stuff is with the alter-egos. We never see them in costume or as superheroes; that’s all done with the motion comics, which allows us to avoid a lot of the cheesy elements. Superhero stuff, to me, never works better than the way it does in comics. So we’re embracing that aspect.

When four superhero friends can't make rent, it's time for a Caper.

Motion comic drawn by Dave Kennedy

The first two episodes are a delight. You get a really good feel for the characters and the world they live in. You begin to understand why it is so important that they fight back against Clarke and just how the caper is going to work. The pacing looks great for a nine-episode story arc, and with new episodes coming out every Wednesday, the full story will unfold over the next couple of months.

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