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Hulu Gets ‘Spooked’ on April 16

Felicia Day’s fans have eagerly embraced her reoccurring character on The CW’s Supernatural, and now she’s producing a supernatural series of her own. Following the success of superhero comedy, Caper, Geek & Sundry is pairing up with Bryan Singer and Bad Hat Harry (producer of four X-Men films) in paranormal comedy digital series: Spooked.

Bryan Singer and Felicia Day present Spooked on Hulu

Spooked Cast – From left to right: Neil Grayston (Lindsey), Derek Mio (Elliot), Shyloh Oostwald (Piper), Julian Curtis (Connor) and Ashley Johnson (Morgan) -Photography by Katrina Marcinowski & Jason Boulanger

Felicia took to her Facebook page to say: “Been working super hard on this show, VERY excited for it to premiere April 16th!” She’s also said to the press:

Geek & Sundry is very proud to focus on a few key high-quality scripted shows this year.  Our community really responds to smart, out-of-the-box content like this. Teaming up with Bryan and Bad Hat Harry has been a blast, ‘Spooked’ has been one of our most ambitious and fun productions to date.”

Singer said, “It’s been a thrill to expand our digital portfolio with Spooked on Hulu and collaborate with Felicia and her team.” He went on to say, “With Spooked we developed an irreverent, character-driven series in the paranormal genre that we think fans will enjoy and connect with online.”

Besides the Singer production power, this show, which will premiere both on YouTube and Hulu (ad-free on Hulu Plus), is also Geek & Sundry’s first 22-minute show, with four episodes in season one, directed by Richard Martin (Light Years) and written by Michael Gene Conti (Devil’s Trade).

Bryan Singer and Felicia Day present Spooked on Hulu

Meet P.I.T, the Paranormal Investigation Team. (Image by Bad Hat Harry and Geek & Sundry.)

Yes, that is Eureka’s Neil Grayston once again sporting his signature nerdy look. The cast also includes Ashley Johnson, relative newcomer to the Whedonverse and voice of Ellie in The Last of Us. Julian Curtis (Captured), Derek Mio (Greek), and Shyloh Oostwald (In Time) round out the “Paranormal Investigation Team,” known as P.I.T. They discover ghosts, poltergeists, and aliens in their travels, sometimes encountering the unexplained, but being a G&S show, the humor is sure to keep the tone light. Look for Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse) and Alison Haislip (Shameless) in the pilot, with more guest stars to come.


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