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Web Series: Animation Treasures: Episode 2

Myron Smith, filmmaker who brought us Young Bloods: Evil Intentions and the soon to be released Invasion of the Killer Cicada, is back again with his new web series, Animated Treasures.

Animation Treasures hosted by filmmaker Myron Smith

Animation Treasures hosted by filmmaker Myron Smith

In Animated Treasures, he is looking at the classic cartoons of Disney, Warner Brothers, and even earlier! Classic gems that have all but disappeared from the public consciousness. Most are out on public domain, but he fills in a lot of details about their history, the animators, and voice artist who worked on them. Filling in the spaces with his own off-beat humor, the episodes make for some very humorous viewing.

Check out episode two here:

Episode one is also available on Youtube, but be warned, there is mature language used in it.

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