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Genre Defiance in a Technical Jungle: Ecko Burning


In a futuristic London where technology body modifications are the new normal, it is possible to quite literally get too involved in your game. Ecko, though he has completed his quest, is trapped in the realm he previously thought he could exit. Believing his guide, The Bard, is dead, Ecko begins to go off on various missions with his swearing and devilsh attitude at the forefront. He wants to go home, but he cannot. Lord Phylos has taken control of the capital city and is doing everything he can to bring the dwellers of the grasslands under his control. The only person who may be able to stop him is an elderly man named Mael. With a plague spreading over the grasslands that turns people into a rotted mulch, it is crucial that The Bard return and Phylos be stopped.

  Ecko Burning is the second book in the Ecko series by writer Danie Ware, and this book assumes you already understand the world Ware has created and how it works. Many times technological modifications or characters are just described in a way where the reader is presumed to know what is happening. For those who are a slow study, this book may seem confusing. For those who have read Ecko Rising or are quick on the take, this book slowly begins to unravel a tale of power struggles and coping with the loss of one’s home. The book reads quickly, as it is difficult to put down once embroiled in the world Ware has created.  Danie Ware creates characters that are fascinating to read about, though often difficult to like. Ecko, for example, is foul mouthed and quick to act without thought or planning. However, his attitude is just the perfect blend to cope with the world that surrounds him.

Ecko Burning is a turbulent read that does its best to avoid being pigeon-holed by any particular genre or concept. Danie Ware is a strong writer, and even better a female one that doesn’t hide behind a genre.

Ecko Burning is now available from Titan Books.


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