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Review: The Art of Jason Lenox Volume One and Two

The Art of Jason Lenox - Volume One

The Art of Jason Lenox – Volume One

The Art of Jason Lenox is a must for comic art enthusiast. The two volume set is a great look into the creative eye and slightly warped (in a good way) imagination of Lenox. Lenox is an illustrator and artist who specializes in pencil and india ink sketches as well as sequential artwork. His sequential works are really interesting to look at as you can see the idea as it evolves from rough sketch to finished picture.

My first exposure to Jason’s work was through The Painted Ladies of San Quentin. Several of these images can be seen through the volumes, but I have to say my favorite image of his comes from Volume Two with his concept of Dalek: Ground War. The image brings the warlike image of the Daleks to life with a surprising amount of pathos with the dying Dalek as it languishes out of its machine.

Volume One showcases his art work but he really expands on this, explaining his process and some of the challenges of the images more in Volume Two. His subjects vary depending on if they were for a book he was working on or a piece of commissioned work, but they are all well done with a focal that will take you slightly off guard. He had a way of drawing the eye to what he wants you focus on immediately and then you can pull back and take in the whole scene.

The Art of Jason Lenox - Volume Two

The Art of Jason Lenox – Volume Two

There are no dull pages and it will keep you flipping pages and taking in his images, be it Pinhead from Hellraisers to Daleks, to dragons, to a Nazi from Once Crowded Skies. There is a major mix of genres, but his narrative through the second book makes them all fit together cohesively. These are definitely  books that are worth your time and money and will lead to hours of enjoyment.

You can check out more of Jason’s work at his website. Like him on Facebook to see new things he’s got in the works! You can also check out his work over at Ugli Studios.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Jason at Sci Fi Valley Con in Altoona, PA June 27-29 at Table F-1!


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