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Back exPets on Kickstarter; They’re dead, but adorable

Back exPets on Kickstater. They're dead, but still adorable.

Cupcake is the exPets prototype.

Girls nowadays grow up with a mix of Disney Princesses and Harry Potter, of kittens and zombies. A few years ago, Kenneth Ferguson started looking for something for his daughter, who wanted “something cute and cuddly, yet deceased looking.” That idea is ready to come to fruition on Kickstarter in the form of exPets, plushies that are dead, but still adorable.

We asked Kenneth and his wife, Theresa, some questions about exPets and being a geeky family:

Geek Girl Project: I’m still trying to understand the exPet concept. Is Cupcake a zombie?

Kenny:  Cupcake isn’t a zombie, she is a dead cat. The kernel idea began with the dead parrot sketch by Monty Python’s Flying Circus. She is unresurrectably dead as will be future exPets.

Theresa:  Cupcake is cute, and zombies are not; therefore, Cupcake cannot possibly be a zombie.  She doesn’t eat (especially brains!), nor does she drink.  Although, she has been taking selfies with various alcoholic beverages to try to fit in.

GGP: We think it’s really great that you encourage your daughters to be interested in things that are “somewhat strange” or “a little odd.” Have you gone out of your way to raise geek girls, or did they just come out that way?

Back exPets on Kickstarter. They're dead, but still adorable.Kenny: I did raise a geek girl, but I don’t think I intended to do it directly. I took a smart young girl and taught her to have fun and think for herself.  That seems to be the recipe. Of course, having a geek for a dad didn’t hinder the process.

Theresa:  I think it’s something that just happens.  Of course, we do offhandedly encourage it by being stellar examples.  🙂

GGP: Do you both consider yourself creative? How important is a creative/supportive partner in this kind of project?

Kenny: Both of us are very creative with some similar and some different talents.  We share a love of words and the ability to use and misuse them. Having a supportive partner is necessary for a project like exPets. So much time and collective resources are put into it that you have to go in as a team. Having a partner who is also creative is a blessing. There is a core of understanding that eases the mind and allows focus on the never-ending supply of tasks.

Theresa:  I do consider myself creative, and have found many different outlets for it throughout my life.  Kenny is outrageously creative, and puts me to shame.  (LOL)  Well, we tend to excel creatively in different areas, so it works out for us to partner in a project such as exPets.

Besides being creative, Theresa is a professional editor. In the heyday of Harry Potter fan fiction, she founded a moderated archive and became something of a mentor to other writers and editors in the fandom.

Back exPets on Kickstarter. They're dead, but still adorable.

Theresa modeling the exPets Kickstarter t-shirt

Theresa:   The Internet really became an exciting place for me when I discovered fan fiction.  It didn’t take long to begin writing it and, shortly thereafter, host my own fan fiction website, The Petulant Poetess.  It became a lot bigger than I ever thought it would, and I have fond memories of the people who worked with me, helped me, and even sparred with me.  I am also very grateful that all the girls at love it enough to continue the work and make it even better, now that I am no longer a part of the crew.

There’s only about a week left to help exPets come to life (or unlife), and I bet if you think about it, you know someone who would love something deathly adorable of their own to cuddle, so go to Kickstarter now and back exPets. Do it for the t-shirt. Do it for Cupcake.


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