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Frankenstein, MD – New from PBS and Pemberley Digital

PBS and Pemberly Digital team up for "Frankenstein, MD."

via PBS

I love Frankenstein. Over the years, I’ve probably watched at least 80% of the variations of the Frankenstein story.

Going into watching this variation, Frankenstein, MD, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all. First, because it comes from PBS and second, because of the modern setting. The gender swap of Frankenstein is great and pointed. It is also not the first time this has been done. They bring up the bias against women in the field under the guise of fighting an ethics review board over a misstep caused by Iggy (a modern, non-deformed version of Igor) but still largely Victoria’s fault.

My favorite line from Victoria Frankenstein comes from Episode 2 where she is speaking to her mentor who is emphasizing the current limits of science. Her mentor says he wants to save her from banging her head on indestructible walls when she is talking about and attempting what is, so far, impossible.  “How do I know a wall is indestructible unless I bang my head on it.” In fact, that may be the only thing I actually really liked about the show.

While the show itself is a little on the cringy side, it makes some interesting points and does convey some interesting information. Frankenstein herself is arrogant, obnoxious, and steps across the ethical boundaries of actual science though her disregard is often pointed out by her test subjects and mentor. Only three very short episodes in, perhaps there hasn’t been enough time to show any actual repercussions for her, though the threat of the review board has been mentioned.  In the modern setting, I can’t suspend my disbelief enough for this show.

I love seeing women taking on roles that were originally designed for men. I love seeing intelligent, strong women portrayed in film and television. Frankenstein, MD falls short of enjoyable for me. Yes, she is intelligent, but she is not a character I could enjoy watching. Perhaps this is representative of what Dr. Frankenstein was like during his school years but, it doesn’t feel like that would be the case.



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