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Help Buy Computers for Veterans

Help buy computers for veterans

Help out real-life heroes. (image: Marvel)

Many of us take our computers for granted. Whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, we plug in every day to connect with our friends and see what’s going on in the world. For many US veterans, it’s not about beating the next puzzle or checking their favorite app, but just having access to working, secure computers for some basic necessities of modern life. One important website is MyHealtheVet, the VA’s portal that allows vets to access their health information such as prescription refills. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t work well on outdated computers.

“It’s incredibly frustrating,” says Michael, of a typical experience in the computer lab. “Half of the time it doesn’t work at all, and if it does work, the browser doesn’t support all of the features. MyHealtheVet is a big part of this. It’s how we check our appointments and everything.”

Help buy computers for vets

Veterans of all ages would benefit from new computers in their lab.

At his local treatment center, the computer lab—entirely equipped via private donations—only has three fully working computers, with the remaining six being pre-Windows 7 machines. Not only are there security concerns with an operating system no longer supported by Microsoft, but the archaic machines can barely boot and run Internet Explorer.

Captain America: Winter Soldier contained one of the most recent popular media representations of PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder) and what many veterans go through on a daily basis. The movie shows Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson taking the opportunity to talk to others who have similar experiences. Centers like this one have programming to help veterans of all ages deal with PTSD or depression as well as teach life skills such as basic computer use for those who don’t have one at home.

The goal of this GoFundMe fundraiser is to raise $4000 to purchase six new computers for the lab and donate them to the center. You can donate any whole dollar amount, and it’s $600 if you want to be ambitious and sponsor a whole computer. These computers will run on Windows 7 or 8 and have a full complement of security software so the veterans will know their data is secure.

“The center changed my life,” adds Michael. “I just want to give something back to the facility that has given me so much.”

This GoFundMe fundraiser is not affiliated with the VA or The Geek Girl Project in any way. If you have questions, though, please contact me, and I’ll pass them along:


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