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Espionage Cosmetics: Nailed It! But Wait…There’s MOAR!

A little over a year ago, we introduced you to a wonderful little company run by some amazing geek girls, Espionage Cosmetics! Their Kickstarter, Nailed It! completely blew their goals out of the park.

Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter: Nailed It! But Wait...There's MOAR!

They are back again! This time with “MOAR!” More nail wraps and more amazing ideas and gifts and goals as they reach for the stars again!

I can say as someone who helped back their last Kickstarter, the nails wraps are amazing, and these ladies are amazing and mind-blowingly generous to their backers! I not only got the 3 wraps I had backed them for, but an additional 2 more wraps as they blew past their goals! I’m not saying you back them for their freebies, but you should back them for the amazing things they are doing! Their wraps are designed with the geek girl in mind. We deserve to have pretty things to that let us show off our interests and passions. Most times, we are overlooked by the mainstream media and industry, because we don’t fit their specific demographic they are looking for, but we will be seen and we will be heard, and these wonderful women are doing just that!

Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter: Nailed It! But Wait...There's MOAR!

Showing off one of the sets from the first Nailed It! Kickstarter

This time they have some great new designs taking in several more genres and some pretty nifty designs, as they state on their Kickstarter page: WOW! We have tricked-out favorites AND all-new nail wrap designs featuring comics Little Vampires, authors Clive Barker and Seanan McGuire, special guest designer Bobak Ferdowsi of NASA, and we even brought in a molecular biologist to help us create MOAR nails FOR SCIENCE!

You can see a few of the designs here:

Espionage Cosmetics Kickstarter: Nailed It! But Wait...There's MOAR!

LEVEL 2 Nail Designs


There will be more designs unlocking as they reach more levels!

You can find out more at the Espionage Cosmetics: Nailed It! But Wait…There’s MOAR! Kickstarter Page here. Jump in and give these ladies a hand, and they can make your hands even more geeky!




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