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March Family Letters – Meg March: Where STEM Meets Fashion

On Christmas day 2014, the March sisters began posting videos to their mother “Marmee” on YouTube under the heading of The March Family Letters and in connection with Pemberley Digital. I wasn’t quite sure how to take the sisters at first, wanting to pull for Jo, but being drawn to Amy. After about four episodes, I realized my favorite sister is going to be Meg.

March Family Letters - Meg March: Where STEM meets fashion

Meg in episode 7 of The March Family Letters by Cherrydale Productions

As the eldest of four children myself, I have a lot of sympathy for Meg. It’s always a delight to see someone on YouTube who you instantly feel you’d be friends with in real life, and I like the way Meg has a taste (almost a thirst) for beauty, but knows someone has to tend to the mundane, responsible parts of life.

I knew from a few things she’s said that she’s at university, but it wasn’t until I looked for her on Twitter that I discovered a missing link in the mystery that is Meg: She’s studying engineering! While YouTube has its share of girl geeks and gamers, it’s less typical to find science-oriented ladies making videos. (Emily Graslie on Brain Scoop is one who comes to mind.) Perhaps that’s because people like Meg aren’t often drawn to the spotlight without some outside influence, such as that of a pushy younger sister. Nevertheless I’ve been wondering if we’re going to get fashion tips, and today’s new video made me squee because it looks like Meg is (albeit reluctantly) going to do so. I’ve always found a kind of beauty in the order of math, and I think it’s awesome that Meg seems to be breaking the stereotype of the seriousness of engineering with the frivolity of fashion.

So, check out the first video below, and there are only seven episodes so far, so it won’t take long to catch up. Also, you can follow the March sisters and their friends on TheMFL list on Twitter. I hope you enjoy, and I hope future beauty tips work out better.

Editor’s note: This is meant to be written in-universe as though Meg is a real person and not a character from Alcott’s Little Women.


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