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DIY Sorting Hat

DIY Sorting Hat

DIY Sorting Hat

Every Hogwarts student must be sorted into their houses, but that’s pretty hard to do without the Sorting Hat. Overall, it’s a fairly simple thing to make, but it is time consuming.

Skill Level: Intermediate


½ yard burlap

Large needle

Hemp thread or twine

Sewing machine (optional)

Regular needle and thread

Large piece of sturdy paper

Liquid fabric stiffener/starch

Dark brown acrylic paint

Black acrylic paint

Recordable button (optional and available at Build a Bear)

Plastic shopping bags or garbage bags


Pen or grease pencil

Paint brush

Sticky sided Velcro, about an inch


Step One: roll the paper into a cone roughly the size and shape you’d like the cone of the hat to be. Using the paper as a template, cut that shape from the burlap. Stitch it together and stuff the cone with crumpled newspaper.

DIY Sorting Hat Step Three

DIY Sorting Hat Step Three

Step Two: using the stuffed cone, mark out the rings with the pen of the brim and cut it out.

Step Three: sew the brim onto the cone. You can sew it with the seam hidden or showing. In the example, I sewed the brim with the seam showing. When you add the paint and starch and fray the edges of the burlap, you won’t be able to tell very well but it does mark the edge of the brim with a slight band. Also, you should stitch the outer ring of the brim to prevent too much fraying before the starch is added.

(OPTIONAL) Step Four: Cut two or three small squares of burlap – sew with large needle and hemp thread onto the hat. Fray the edges slightly.

Step Five: Remove newspaper. Put hat on hand like it is a puppet to form the face. Using the needle and thread, shape the eyes and mouth. A few stitches between the eyes and at the corners of the mouth should do. Stuff the hat with plastic bags to keep it’s shape. Newspaper used here will stick to the starched fabric.

DIY Sorting Hat Step Six

DIY Sorting Hat Step Six

Step six: Put liquid starch into jar and mix with brown paint. Place hand in hat like it is a puppet to keep the form of the face. Paint hat with starch and paint mixture. Allow to dry completely.

Step seven: Paint hat with starch and allow to dry. Repeat this step until you have the color and stiffness you desire.

Step eight: using black paint, shade the eyes and mouth.

(OPTIONAL) Step nine: record the button to say what you want it to say, mine says “Gryffindor.” Using the Velcro, attach the button in the very top of the hat.



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