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REVIEW: The Dark Crystal – Creation Myths

The Dark Crystal – Creation Myths From Archaia

Dark Crystal Creation Myths (image: BOOM! Studios)

Dark Crystal Creation Myths (image: BOOM! Studios)

Concept, Character designs, and cover by Brian Froud

Written by Brian Holguin

Illustrated by Alex Sheikman and Lizzy John

Lettered by Deron Bennett


As a young girl, The Dark Crystal was one of my favorite movies. This comic steps right into that world, that beautiful creation, and pulls all the right strings in my memories. While this is not a comic for children, it will take readers familiar with the film back to their childhoods. The comic is scattered with bits of prose that are, in keeping with the feel and tone, quite poetic.

Creation Myths begins following my favorite character from The Dark Crystal, Augrah. We get to see her birth, her wanderings and drive to learn, and meet her son. We witness, with her, the coming of the light creatures who gave her the glorious observatory. We see the coming of the Light Creatures who go on to become the Skeksis and the Mystics. We find out why gelfling maids have wings and follow a storyteller’s journey to find the song he hears in his dreams.

The artwork is beautiful. It keeps true to the creations from the movie. Augrah’s birth does have shades of Swamp Thing going on, but it adds to her mythology in ways that really work well, both in the story and in keeping with the movie.

Some stories are quiet and sad, others boisterous and happier, but none are truly joyful. It feels like the world we all grew to love as children; beautiful, but touched by darkness.

Augrah shares a dream with Gelflings - from Dark Crystal Creation Myths (image: BOOM! Studios)

Augrah shares a dream with Gelflings – from Dark Crystal Creation Myths (image: BOOM! Studios)

Upon finishing this comic, I had the overwhelming urge to watch The Dark Crystal again to see it all put right. I happen to have the movie on DVD, but it is also available on Netflix in the US at the moment, for those of you who don’t own it.

If you loved The Dark Crystal, if you love all things Jim Henson, this will not disappoint you. It’s a lovely journey down memory lane, despite the stories being completely new. Highly recommended. This is the first part of a three part series and I mean to read them all.

As a special treat, at the end of the comic, there is a short 8 page treat that was part of Free Comic day and a series of character sketches by Brian Froud.


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