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Book Review: Protector by Christine Pope

The synergy between Caitlin and Alex in 'Protector' is a delight to read.

‘Protector’ cover image via Dark Valentine Press

Taking place a few years after the original Witches of Cleopatra Hill trilogy, Christine Pope’s Protector is a darker mystery that takes place in the territory of the powerful de la Paz witch clan.

Caitlin McAllister has been keeping secrets from her entire clan since she was fifteen, but when a fun trip to Tuscon quickly turns into a nightmare, she realizes she has to use her gift as a seer to save her friends. Tapping into a power she’s been trying to avoid for years proves more difficult than expected, and it takes an alliance between the three Arizona clans to solve this deadly mystery, which is considerably darker than the previous books in the series. While off-screen deaths have happened before, Caitlin unwillingly becomes witness to mental and physical rape that, while not overly graphic, is still deserving of a trigger warning here.

Of course, witches and warlocks practicing Sympathetic Magic is the key to every book in the series, and putting the romance in this paranormal romance is Alex Trujillo. Alex is the first male character introduced in series, and though he has appeared a few times, it’s usually in the shadow of his powerful abuela. Whether you’ve had a little crush on this son of the de la Paz clan for a while now or are meeting him for the first time, he’s the Protector, and he is now my favorite of Christine Pope’s heroes.

Balancing Caitlin’s dreamer personality, Alex is hardworking, caring, and naturally protective, as his gifts display. The synergy the two of them share is a delight to read, and the shocking ending to the book brings back Angela and Connor a few years older and more experienced with their powers as prima and primus, which is just one of the incredible payoffs this book provides.

Find out how to get The Witches of Cleopatra Hill books on Christine Pope’s website, which has links to all of the popular e-book formats, and preview the next two upcoming books in the series, which explore the aftermath of the events in Protector.

Thanks, Christine, for the review copy.


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