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Our Favorite Bands for St. Patrick’s Day

We’re all a bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, and here are some of our staff’s top pics for music for the occasion.

I’d like to start off this list with an all-female powerhouse: Celtic Woman. Gorgeous voices often set off with an enthusiastic violin, though they are from Ireland, their repertoire of folk and modern music is by no means limited to the isle of their birth.


You’ve seen the t-shirt, now listen to the music. “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” is one of our favorite Gaelic Storm songs.


It’s hard to beat The Dubliners for an authentic Irish band who has been around for decades and has contributed greatly to worldwide awareness of Irish folk music.


“Black Velvet Band” is a popular Irish folksong that takes place “in a neat little town they call Belfast.” Sung here by  The Irish Rovers.


Rock out with Great Big Sea, our favorite Canadian choice for putting a little something extra in that traditional sea chantey sound.


For Irish or Celtic Punk, We like Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys.


Last summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Tartanic at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. If you can forgive them for being more Scottish than Irish, you’ll soon be clapping and stomping along with their bagpipes and heavy drum beat.

Our favorite bands for St. Patrick's Day listening.

Tartanic and the Geek Girl Project meet up at the PA Ren Faire 2014 (image: Rebecca Miller)

From hard rock to haunting ballads, Blackmore’s Night can mesmerize you with their music.


And finally, for a saintlier Saint Patrick’s Day, here are The Priests, leaving you with an Irish Blessing.



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