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Kickstarter: Ugli Studios Presents: #3 Sci-Fi / Horror Comic Anthology

Ugli Studios Presents: #3 Sci-Fi / Horror Comic Anthology

Ugli Studios Presents: #3 Sci-Fi / Horror Comic Anthology

Ugli Studios is at it again, and they need your help! With new works by Dennis Fallon, Jason Palmatier , Joseph Freistuhler, Tauriq Moosa, and Brendan Hykes and artwork by Jason Lenox and Joseph Freistuhler, Ugli’s anthology promises lots of fresh stories and wonderful new artwork.

Jason Lenox has been teasing his fans with bits and pieces of the Lords of the Cosmos story written by Dennis Fallon and Jason Palmatier…

18 months in the making! Jason Lenox returns with his next story, the sci-fi fantasy epic LORDS OF THE COSMOS. The first 14-page chapter introduces the world of Aiden, the kingdom that runs it, some of its lands and creatures and the terrorist army that threatens its very existence! Drawing his inspiration from Masters of the Universe, David Lynch’s Dune, Command And Conquer, and Alex Raymond’s seminal Flash Gordon from the 1930’s, Jason invites you on a wild ride for as the LORDS OF THE COSMOS assemble!

Also with Joseph Freistuhler’s The Vault

On the heels of his well-received tale of serial killer clones from Ugli Studios Presents #2, Joseph Freistuhler joins us again to begin an ongoing anthology horror story of an ancient artifact completely out of its time. In the spring of 1945, a  squad of American soldiers go AWOL in search of a rumored vault filled with Nazi gold. What they find is more terrible than anything they have experienced before.

Taruiq Moosa and Jason Lenox’s Song of Words

A two-page story from a 2012 anthology Jason and Tauriq worked on together. Unfortunately, very few people ever saw this. SONG OF WORDS is a well-crafted, tight comic about life, literature, and being existential, with some awesome artwork. Get off the beaten path of traditional comics and sing along with  Tauriq and Jason!

Brendan Hykes and Jason Lenox’s This Is a Sad Comic…

This is a one-page “Sunday comic” with a dark twist. The creators lampoon the zine comic genre with good art, bad art, impressionistic art, and everything in between.

You can here from Jason Lenox’s himself here:


Their newest anthology book is ready and just looking for you to back them!

Check out their Kicstarter HERE!



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