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International TableTop Day

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Three years ago, the youTube channel Geek & Sundry streamed the first International TableTop Day on Wil Wheaton’s show, TableTop. The show aired in two different segments with a separate wrap-up segment and featured Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and several others playing Takenoko, 7 Wonders, Star Trek Catan, Smash Up! and Ticket to Ride. That first year, events were held in 64 countries! In 2014, the event was live-streamed again and featured such games as Rampage, Love Letter, Tanto Cuore and KrosMaster: Arena.

Many of you may be wondering what International TableTop Day actually is and, to put it plainly, TableTop Day is a day for all of the fans of tabletop gaming to get together and share in their appreciation of playing games. The day mainly focuses on board games and card games, but can easily include miniatures games or dice games depending on your venue. It debuted on Geek & Sundry as a way to bring the world together for a day of celebration and having fun.

Where can these games be played you ask? Anywhere! Events are being held in personal homes, libraries, school campuses, club houses, many local game stores and other venues. Last year’s event included participants in eighty different countries spread across all seven continents! This year’s International TableTop Day will be held on Saturday, April 11th and will include an larger group of sponsors than in previous years. Some of which are Looney Labs, Alderac Entertainment Group (a.k.a. AEG), Plaid Hat Games, Asmodee, Playroom Entertainment, Japanime Games, Steve Jackson Games, Crash Games, Fireside Games, North Star Games, Arcane Wonders, Mayday Games, dv Giochi, Calliope Games, Campaign Coins, USAopoly, Atlas Games, and Fantasy Flight Games. To find an event near you, you can go to and type in your city/zip code/address into the search bar, and they will have a constantly updating listing available as people continue to register their events.

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There are many ways to celebrate International TableTop Day, whether it be sitting down and playing a game with some friends while on a lunch break, playing with family at home, or traveling to one of the many venues holding events. One of my local game stores here in Sacramento, Great Escape Games, will be hosting a myriad of events and giveaways starting at 12 noon. This year’s focus will be on Geek Out!, Dead Man’s Draw, Dead of Winter, Batman Love Letter, Fluxx 5.0, and Reverse Charades. There will be other special promotional items for games including, but not limited to Sheriff of Nottingham, Dixit, Krosmaster, X-Wing, Three Cheers for Master, Fluxx, Castle Panic, Killer Bunnies, Cash and Guns, and 7 Wonders. Great Escape Games will also host TableTop Day items separate from the TableTop kit. They will be running their own store exclusive demonstration games of DC Deck Building and Smash Up! with all of its current expansions as well as featuring items from Greater Than Games (creators of Dice Hate Me, Fabled Nexus, and the Sentinel Comics games). Greater Than Games has also put out a kit this year. If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there!



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