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May the Fourth Be With You: Several Fun Star Wars Themed Games to Choose From For Your Festivities

Star Wars Day

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Star Wars Day! You’ve got the Blue Milk chilling in the refrigerator, Wookie Cookies baking in the oven, the Star Wars Jell-O Jigglers jiggling away on their platter, and plans for making your Boba Fettuccine and Womp Rats on a Stick are in mind for later. It’s too early to start your movie marathon or perhaps you need a break in between trilogies. The question is, “What now?” Why not play a game? Here are just a few of my favorites to choose from (new and old), but there are many pen and paper games, children’s games, or homebrew games out there just waiting to be played!

Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion by Fantasy Flight Games

A two-player game where players choose who will play as the light or the dark side (Rebels or Empire). Each player is given a deck of cards based on their chosen alignment and competes to earn victory points by winning event cards. Events are won by successfully completing the goals while holding to the specified restrictions (cards in play, varied objective value, etc.). After playing a few times to get the mechanics and full understanding of the rules, game play tends to last about 15-25 minutes at the most.

The Game of Life: Star Wars – Jedi’s Path by Hasbro

A version of The Game of Life for two to four players using themes from both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars saga. Players have a choice between following the path of the Light Side and becoming a Jedi Master, dabbling in the Dark Side a little, or going full Dark Side and becoming a Sith Lord. As you play, you will battle other players, learn lessons, go on missions, build lightsabers, and pass various tests all while developing your connection to the Force by putting points in Logic, Energy, Fighting, and Intuition. Game play took about an hour.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games

A tabletop game for two to five players set in the time period right after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. There are two game play options available: skirmish or campaign. Campaign mode is very similar to playing Descent and is much more like a board game, but skirmish mode is miniatures tabletop game instead of a board game where players fight against each other in small battles. The box set includes all of the plastic miniatures, cards, tiles, tokens and dice needed to play, though there are many expansions available. Time needed for game play varies based on the mode used.

Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy or Clone Wars Editions by Parker Brothers

The Game of Risk with a Star Wars theme. Instead of world domination, players are aiming for galactic domination. There are slight rule variations to make the game appeal to classic Risk players and make it a whole new game! There are two editions available: The Original Trilogy or Clone Wars (taking place after Episode III in the Skywalker Saga). Personally, I prefer the Clone Wars Edition. Game play will vary based on which set of rules you are playing by: classic or special edition.

Star Wars: X-Wing by Fantasy Flight Games

A miniatures table top game for two players set in the Star Wars universe. This game is very versatile and has many scenarios available. It is not quite a skirmish game, but more of a dog-fight between players. The box set comes with three ships and all components needed for a small scale game for two players. With the added expansions and by adding in your own obstacles (terrain, moving asteroids, etc), these games can get quite large and lengthy in time.

Operation Star Wars by Hasbro Games

The game of Operation, but with R2-D2 as the patient! Playable for one or more players. Unlike many of the other games mentioned in this list, this one is a great game for kids. In the game, players work to repair R2-D2 by replacing the circuits and gears and removing all of the faulty parts and other “features” with the use of tweezers. If you hit the sides of the operation area, R2-D2 makes a noise. As surgeries are performed successfully, players earn galactic credits. Play time will depend on the number of players.

Star Wars: Armada by Fantasy Flight Games

A miniatures game for two players where one side is the Empire and the other is the Rebels. Very similar to Star Wars: X-Wing, also by Fantasy Flight Games, but much more in-depth. Unlike “X-Wing,” however, players attack first and then move. This is a game that requires a lot of strategy and even some intuition. The base game is a starter set, but there are many expansions already available and others soon to be released.

Monopoly: Star Wars & Star Wars Episode I Editions by Parker Brothers

These games are playable for up to eight players with tokens representing four Rebel characters and four Alliance characters. It is the game of Monopoly, but with Star Wars references instead. The Anniversary Editions have special coins in them for making purchases. Not a game we often play as it takes a long time, but still a classic and great gift for any Star Wars fan! Play takes 2-4 hours.

Star Wars: Rebel Missions by Wonder Forge

Rebel Missions is a children’s co-op game for two to five players. It is based off of the Disney XD show Star Wars Rebels. To play, players must work together as the crew on The Ghost starship and fight the Imperial forces by completing Rebel missions on the planet Lothal. It is a fight against time strategy game where players try to find the four secret codes and enter them into the Imperial Timer before time runs out. Players must use their resources to complete these missions (weapons, abilities, etc.).

Star Wars: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games

This is an innovative LCG (Living Card Game) for two players. With expanding card pools, players are able to build customized decks, but the rares and promotional cards that come with most collectible card games are non-existent so games will rarely be decided on who spent the most money on finding all of the best cards. To build one’s deck, players actually add cards in sets (or “pods”) instead of individually. There are objective cards and cards that go with that objective. Players playing as the Light Side must destroy 3 Dark Side objectives to win whereas Dark Side players are trying to advance the Death Star counter to 12. Game play lasts about 40-60 minutes after getting comfortable with the rules.

Star Wars Face Off by Wonder Forge

A dice game that is rather similar to Yahtzee with some added components. Comes with a two sided, sculpted dice cup featuring Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, 5 dice, a rules booklet, and a lid so it is compact, portable, and self-contained. Players roll the dice, choose a side (Heroes or Villains), and then score their points for their combinations based on the rules for their chosen side. The Villain side has a bluffing component that the Hero side does not. The first player to 250 points wins. Game play lasts about 15-30 minutes with two players.



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