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Review: Steampunk’d Episode 3, Wild Wild East

The artists of Steampunk'd (image: GSN)

The artists of Steampunk’d (image: GSN)

I really like watching shows where we get to see people create. I really don’t like watching shows where it’s all about the interpersonal drama. A little bit of bickering maybe, certainly a bit of crowing and ego puffing, but sabotage and cat-fighting, I just can’t do; which is why this will be the last episode write up I do for Steampunk’d. It’s a real shame, as the theme is so interesting and so broad in scope and I was looking forward to seeing each room created.

This week’s episode centers around putting together a bedroom in an Asian Steampunk style. JW and James are the team leaders and they pick their teams. The challenge this week is to make the room and costume cohesive and to include a mechanism that changes the look of the room from day to night.

At the beginning, JW has some interesting ideas. I can’t even say JW’s team, as he isn’t really letting anyone else have any kind of say in the matter. James’s team is a little less focused as they aren’t really working together at all and head straight for the Punkyard to get neat things to add the little touches. Said Punkyard is stuffed with Asian inspired stuff – I can’t tell which part of Asia for the most part and I don’t think the Makers can either.

There’s a huge train-wreck on James’s team with Ave and Morgan fighting over who gets to do the costume and James is pretty much ignoring it. These two women should never be on the same team again. Ever. Ave doesn’t believe anyone but her can do anything right and I firmly believe she sabotaged Morgan’s skirt. I don’t believe it was an accident or that she thought that was ‘scrap fabric’. That just makes me angry. Over on JW’s team, he is basically making Eddie do labor instead of what he’s good at because, heaven forbid, anyone actually contribute to his room but him. He can give up making the costume probably because he feels that work is beneath him, but he refuses to let others do what they are actually good at.

This show is not worth watching anymore for me. I don’t watch these kind of shows to see underhanded, backbiting bickering. I want to watch how they make the things they make; how it evolves from idea to reality. I don’t care who is meaner or more awful. I don’t watch most Reality TV because I don’t like that stuff. With a show like Steampunk’d, there is no one to blame but the producers. They could have edited the footage to focus on the production – the meat of the actual challenge – but they chose to go the other way and, in doing so, have lost this viewer completely.

The rooms turned out OK at best; neither were anything all that awesome. We did learn though that JW has an ego the size of Texas and a penchant for the color green. Ave is catty and cruel. Morgan is whiny and obnoxious. Eddie doesn’t stand up for his ideas and abilities. The others put their heads down and did the work so we didn’t see much of them at all.

JW’s team had the winning room. Tayliss deserves her win for her awesome kimono and Karianne deserves hers for the really cool foam swords we should have gotten to see her make.

James says he should go home for his lack of leadership, but I’m pretty sure he’s just as done with the awful people being awful as I am. It’s a shame the production team went this way with their show. It could have been as neat as Face Off if they’d focused on the actual making of things and not the people making them.


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