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Halloween Village

DIY Halloween Village

DIY Halloween Village

I adore holidays mostly because I get to put up fun decorations. Halloween is my favorite to decorate for because I get to put up scary, creepy, and geeky decorations.

One of the things I always wanted but couldn’t find one that I liked was a Halloween village. All the ones I saw in stores were too cartoony or too pleasant. I wanted something with a bit more bite and a lot of shadows. I happened to have an old craft store Christmas village my mom had put together when I was very young, and I never could part with it even though I had a really pretty Christmas village. I got it in my head to take that Christmas village, dirty it up, and transform it into a Halloween village.

I didn’t take a before picture but it looked something like this: BHG Holiday Village

I took the houses and did an aging wash with black acrylic paint and some acrylic floating medium. I chose one house to be the hunter’s house – as much as I like the scary, grotesque, and the macabre, everything needs a little ray of light. I broke out plastic windows, I put graffiti on the buildings, and I set about making a few accessories.

Using the technique I used for the Nazgul, I made a tiny reaper. I also made a small gauze ghost. I took an angel from a nativity scene for the cemetery, made a coffin out of cardboard and electrical tape, found a few rubber aliens. My small TARDIS is technically for a fish tank and my Headless Horseman is from Barnes and Noble. I used tiny birds, polymer clay pumpkins, a red plastic ball with painted wire, a really accurate decorative spider, and a totem pole to accent.

I have nods to Supernatural, Candyman, The Birds, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Mouth of Madness, The Dark Half, It, Omen, Dracula, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, The X-Files, Lovecraft, Poltergeist, and Arachnophobia. You can personalize your village to focus on the parts of Halloween that are your favorites. Every year I made something new to add to it. This year, I think we’ll make the headstones for my tiny cemetery and a lightning rod as used in Something Wicked This Way Comes.


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