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Review: Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine

Game of Scones cover

Image Credit: Orion

Described as “A book of edible recipes from the Seven Kingdoms”, Game of Scones comes from the same team who produced the best-selling Baking Bad recipe book. Loaded with visual and textual references for fans of Game of Thrones, it promises “easy-to-follow recipes that produce delicious and inspired treats.”

So – baking inspired by a Fantasy series. The perfect match for Bognor Regis Womens’ Institute’s ‘Science Fiction/Fantasy Ladies, who tested a sample or three.

The book itself is beautifully produced – glossy colour pages, laden with illustrations of individual recipe steps as well as pictures of the finished items. The recipes we tried were easy to follow (though not necessarily easy to execute), and tasted great. The one thing missing, which would have been useful, was a simple template for those of us not artistically gifted enough to “draw outlines of the Stark and Lannister sigils”, for example.

The recipes we tested were:


White Walker per book (Image: Orion)

White Walker Walnut Whips
Ended up costing about £2 per white walker. Straightforward to make, and the recipe was easy to follow, but it was time-consuming (due to allowing time for the chocolate to set properly).


White Walker per our bake

The tricky part was cutting out the shapes without the chocolate crumbling – much patience and a warm gingerbread-man cutter was needed here!

If we were doing this again, we’d double the quantities given in the recipe, as it’s otherwise a great deal of effort for very few White Walkers.

They were delicious though.


Wolf Bread per book (Image: Orion)

Hot Pie’s Wolfbread
A cheap bake at about £1.50 – only small amounts of yeast, honey and oil were used. It did take ages to prepare – around two hours, though that included 25 minutes of initial kneading and about an hour of letting the dough prove.


Wolf Bread per our bake

Again it was an easy recipe to follow, as long as you had the patience to knead. The most difficult part was the cutting out of the wolf shape. The dough kept fighting back, and in the end it was easiest to cut round it roughly and then try to put the detail in.

They turned out more dinosaur than wolf, but were very tasty and worked well with blue cheese


Tyrion shortbread per book (Image: Orion)

Tyrion Shortbread
Cost £2-3 including the food colouring (I couldn’t find any black colouring, so used the same blue as for the White Walkers).

It took hours to make, because of having to leave the shortbread in the fridge before baking; and the icing was tricky for someone who’s never done it before.


Tyrion shortbread per our bake

It all needed care, perseverance and a steady hand.

The finished items didn’t bear much resemblance to the illustration in the book, but they tasted fine.

Overall verdict
All the recipes we tried tasted great, but needed lots of time and patience. Some of the other recipes – the Castle Black Forest Gateau, for example – look amazing in the illustrations, but will no doubt be a huge undertaking to complete. At Bognor Regis WI, we’re looking forward to the challenge.

Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine – by Ser Jammy Lannister

Published by Orion as a hardback/eBook, priced £9.99/£5.99, on 5th Nov 2015

Twitter: @gameofscones_



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