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X-Files: What Was and What Could Have Been

Last night’s season finale of the X Files was at best frustrating. There will be spoilers ahead as it is unavoidable at this point. I’ll likely be talking about the whole six episodes so there will be spoilers for all of them.


Image: Fox

Image: Fox

I am a long time fan of The X-Files. I’m willing to overlook a lot of flaws to enjoy my first favorite TV pairing. When this new season began, I was under the impression that there would be answers given to some of the questions that were left completely open – which was most of them actually. In the end, that didn’t happen. I’m of the belief now that this “season” wasn’t so much a closing but a test. Are we, the X-Files fans, still willing to come to the TV every week, through the silly, the frustrating, and the WTF moments that the show is known for? I think the answer has been a resounding yes, and I think we’ll be seeing more of Mulder and Scully. If we don’t, I will never trust Fox to give me a show worth watching again.

I feel that “My Struggle II” answered nothing. There were two big topics during these episodes – the alien technology being used by terrible people to do terrible things and the missing child, William. The first part really nullified all the years and all the things that came before, and if that wasn’t enough, we never found any answers about William except that both of his parents miss him and he’s immune to all the things going on.

As was always assumed, the Cigarette Smoking Man was always the big bad, only now he looks a bit like Skeletor without the muscles and with a tracheotomy that miraculously didn’t affect his voice in the slightest. His great affection for Mulder is interesting. I think, in some ways, that was the most interesting part of the episode – does Mulder understand why CSM cares in the least about what happens to the guy that keeps trying to stop him and why he would give the answers to the only person who would actually know what to do with them? Any new viewers don’t understand at all why CSM cares at all what happens to Mulder. Maybe some of the long time fans have forgotten as well.

I’m pretty sure this episode touched on all the major conspiracy theories out there with the notable exception of the flat Earthers and the Moon landing deniers. We touched on tampered vaccines, population control, microwave emitters, government sponsored super viruses, and even Chemtrails. Big brother being what it is, it can be hard not to fall into the Tin Foil ranks, and this episode touched on a lot of people’s greatest fears. All that was missing were clowns, spiders, and a lot of little holes.

If it were me doing the writing of this episode, I think I would have done things a lot differently, not the least of which, making her a chimera and not having it be a volume issue because even if that’s a real thing, it seemed much much too easy. Plot conveniences were too popular in this episode, especially with things that seemed counter productive to the characters. There is zero chance that a super paranoid Mulder would have a find my phone app on his desktop. Even my son rolled his eyes at that one, and he’s more forgiving of errors like that than I am.

Image: Fox

Image: Fox

There were some familiar faces that I hadn’t wanted to see. I was not a fan of Doggett and Reyes, and I’m pretty sure if the actor who played Doggett (Robert Patrick) wasn’t off playing with pretend smart people on Scorpion, he would have shown his pretty face too. Instead we got the return of Monica Reyes, who has apparently been the nurse maid of CSM since his “demise.” Skinner shows his face all too briefly, and we got to see brief glimpses of all the important players in the first four minutes of Scully’s exposition/introduction.

For me, this was a perfectly good season finale – if it is a SEASON finale and not a SERIES finale. If it’s a SERIES finale, everyone at Fox should be flogged in public for the crime. If it is a SEASON finale, I can only hope it doesn’t come back with X Files: The Next Generation as I’m not watching that. I want Mulder and Scully, not Einstein and Miller.

This whole season has been an opening of doors, not the closure I felt like I was promised. It was a bit of a bait and switch, and the finale was definitely not the closing of anything. It was the kind of season finale the X-Files was known for – Mulder in jeopardy, Scully not sure if she can get to him in time. I have really bad luck with shows. Firefly got a movie, Constantine got a guest spot (and I’ll keep hoping for more), but Almost Human got the shaft. Hopefully, we either get an annual mini-season or there’s another movie coming. I’m not sure I can forgive Chris Carter if neither of those things happen.

I want answers, like I’m sure most fans do. I want to believe that this cannot possibly be the end. I want to believe that Fox wouldn’t do this to me. Again. Only time will tell and honestly, the fans will still be here. We’re a bit like CSM, hard to kill and devoted to watching it all play out.


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