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Her Immortal Viking: When You Wish Upon a Myth

Her Immortal Viking (Image: Boroughs Publishing)

Her Immortal Viking (Image: Boroughs Publishing)

Her Immortal Viking

By Adele Downs

Mythology is one of my first loves. I’ll read almost anything relating to mythology so this seemed like a no-brainer for me right from the description. It is a novella at 67 pages (according to my eReader, Amazon lists it at  90) and is short enough to read in one sitting while still having enough meat to make it worthwhile.

Penelope (Penny) Farnsworth has a serious man problem in that she always goes for the pretty ones with no substance. On the heels of her latest breakup, she’s fed up, exasperated, and maybe a little desperate to find something real. Desperate enough to wish for help from the mystical, magical, powers that be – if powers include fairies, elves, and all other sorts of mythological critters.

I like that Penny has a deep abiding love for mythology as it allows for me to connect with her pretty much from page 1. I’m not going to say that this particular romp isn’t full of steamy scenes, because it is, but it also has a pretty solid journey of self-discovery and learning to respect and love one’s self. Plus, it has a generous helping of Alfheim and Norse mythology to round it out.

The sex isn’t super graphic, the romance is sweet but not saccharine, the couple worth hoping for, and the comeuppance for those who deserve it was masterful, but the meat of the story isn’t really about any of those things but the power of a few words and a bit of tenderness on one’s entire point of view. For a light, quick read with some heat, this one is quite good. I’d give it 4 ½ stars, missing a half because I really wanted it to be longer.



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