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Book Review: The Wolf of Harrow Hall by Christine Pope

Review: The Wolf of Harrow Hall by Christine Pope

The Wolf of Harrow Hall by Christine Pope

Christine Pope’s “Tales of the Latter Kingdoms” books have retold fairy tales from a variety of cultures, but The Wolf of Harrow Hall strays from the formula and looks to a slightly different kind of folklore. I found that I was even more excited to read the story because the main character wasn’t familiar like Scheherazade or Cinderella.

Bettany Sendris is not easily daunted by anything. Having never known her father and been raised by her grandmother since she was young, she has been something of an outcast her whole life, certainly not considered good enough for the young men in town. She takes every challenge in stride. She has the same fears and anxieties as anyone, but pushes them back to bravely face each one, from petitioning Lord Phelan Greymount for more time to pay her taxes to waiting out the worst storm of her lifetime in a strange, mysterious castle. A young woman who pragmatically doubts that there is any magic left in the world is about to be confronted with something she can’t otherwise explain.

Phelan, the secretive Lord of Harrow Hall, keeps to himself, and it will take more than the love of a good woman to heal the past that haunts him. Although he is in many ways a typical romantic hero, he and the plot are both a refreshing break from some of the tropes you tend to find in most romance.

Like the rest of the series, this book was a light, easy read, and one that I’ll probably reread when I’m in the mood to be snowed in with a mysterious, handsome man.

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