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Geeky Alternatives to Candy for Easter Egg Fillers

When it comes to filling plastic Easter eggs for the annual egg hunts, the first things that usually come to mind are candy for kids and money or gift cards for the teens and adults. While these tend to go over well, what if you could place something in there that appeals to various age groups in a way that candy or straight money never would and is food allergy free? Listed below are some of my ideas for this year’s egg fillers for our geeky Easter egg hunts.


These are just a few of mine! They’re great representations and tons of fun!
(All photos unless otherwise specified were taken and edited by KristaG)

Legos! There are so many ways to use this idea! Mini kits and other small sets are still fairly cheap to pick up and many of them will fit in the eggs while still in the packaging. Lego has even put out a seasonal sets this year in addition to sets that encompass numerous fandoms. If the sets don’t fit or mini kits are scarce in your area, you can always place loose Legos in an egg (they don’t even need to belong to a specific set). If they’re loose, it will even emulate the almost iconic rattling sound that so many associate with jelly beans or other hard, small candies usually found inside the eggs! Another alternative to trying to make a full set fit into the egg itself is to buy a larger set and to spread it across multiple eggs or to not use a specified set at all. In addition to using Lego bricks, Lego Minifigures are a perfect fit! Minifigures can occasionally be purchased in groups as well as included in larger sets of Legos or through nonretail sources. There are also numerous Minifigure keychains that feature comic book heroes and villains, favorite TV shows or book characters, and even iconic video game characters! (I own several already and I absolutely love them!)


Meeple Source also sells upgraded character meeples and resource bits in addition to generic ones. My order hasn’t arrived as of yet, but I can’t wait to see them!

Meeples! Know any kids (or adults) that love board games? Meeple Source sells some really great upgrade kits for countless popular games and in a pretty decent quantity, as well. The meeples received can be used as a new “start player” token or be placed in a pool to see what board game will be played later in the day. They can also be used a personal token or marker for a game. Another great idea for gamers?

There are so many options for dice and I love the rattling noise they make when inside the eggs!

There are so many options for dice and I love the rattling noise they make when inside the eggs!

Dice! Dice can be used not only by board game lovers, but tabletop wargamers and RPG players. Mini dice, polyhedral dice, custom dice, and similar items all make great fillers! Dice sets can be split up or used together. You can create your own games, use them to add to a set you already own, or as a start to building your first set!

I happen to own most of the metals, but Reaper has recently added these cute little mice to their Bones line as well! See that little guy with the egg? He's actually an Easter Edition!

I happen to own most of the metals, but Reaper has recently added these cute little mice to their Bones line as well! See that little guy with the egg? He’s actually an Easter Edition! These are great for adding Mice and Mystics characters of your own to the game! (check back in the next few weeks to see how this can work as I will starting on the Mice and Mystics Heart of Glorm expansion in mid-April)

Miniatures! Whether on the sprue, pre-assembled, single pieced or still in pieces, miniatures are great for gamers! Some of these can be quite pricey, however, so I tend to recommend using Reaper Bones minis. They are fairly inexpensive and come with more than one in a pack. My absolute favorite ones to use are the Mouslings. They’re usually themed, small, come in metal or plastic, and are absolutely adorable. These (and others) can be used to create your own characters in various games or as stand-ins for Meeples as well as practice pieces for painting. We’ve talked about using the Mouslings in particular as our own characters for Mice and Mystics as we create our own scenarios with our game group! If using miniatures that aren’t already assembled or in one piece, you will definitely want to make sure that the egg is secured closed. There’s nothing worse than losing bits! Speaking of painting minis, paints are also a great size to fit inside an egg!

These can all fit perfectly into an egg. Just make sure the bottles are sealed!

These can all fit perfectly into an egg. Just make sure the bottles are sealed!

These can be Citadel paints, Vallejo, Reaper, Formula-p3s, or a random set of washes. Personally, I like the Secret Weapon washes used in conjunction with my Vallejo paints, but I also have a collection that supports all of the afore mentioned brands depending on what I’m trying to do.

Glow in the Dark Stars

I have so many of these kits lining my ceiling! I love them! (Image from

Glow in the dark stars! Perfect for our little science oriented geeks (and my bedroom ceiling ever since I was a small child), these can be found in the usual “greenish” hue that normally accompanies a glow in the dark object or in color! Some are self adhesive and others just need a little poster putty to stick to walls, ceilings, mirrors, etc. They’re small and come in a decent quantity for the price. While on the topic of stars and other science related fields, Oriental Trading has an abundant supply of novelty erasers! Stars, brains, insects, dinosaurs, compasses, and many more! (There are also comic book icons and some really cool 8-bit or “pixel” ninjas!)


Stickers! These Hello Kitty ones are actually the perfect for decorating eggs after finding them!

Temporary tattoos and stickers abound when looking up favored comic book characters or other geeky themes! They’re also easy to come by in large quantities for a smaller cost. Kids also happen to love them (some adults do too!). Kids can use the stickers to decorate their eggs later after dying them or to add to their sticker collections. Magnets and magnet sets are also wonderful ideas. In addition to my wonderful set of Minecraft magnets, I really like Word Poetry magnet sets.

Minecraft Magnets

I’ve had my Minecraft magnets set up on my dishwasher for awhile now. I absolutely love these and they bring back great memories of building the scene with my best friend before he left for the Marines! What a great way to create fun memories!

Their Geek Kit and Kid’s Story Maker Kit are two of my favorites. The kids get to expand their vocabulary and express themselves through prose and adults get to leave each other messages on the fridge (inspirational or otherwise). If there’s time, you can even separate out a full sentence for each egg; perhaps even making them into clues to find the next one!

In conclusion, there are many alternatives to candy. Easter isn’t just a holiday about candy, but about family and these are just a few of the ways you can incorporate your hobbies and passions into your family life. Hopefully there was something here to strike your fancy regardless of age or to perhaps inspire yet another alternative. Enjoy the holiday everyone and happy hunting!


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