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Comic Review: Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor 2.10

Titan Comics: The Tenth Doctor 2.10 Image: Titan Comics

Titan Comics: The Tenth Doctor 2.10
Image: Titan Comics

Picking up from the end of the last issue, the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy are trying to put things back into focus after their trip to the sleepy town of Dewberry, England going very much in an unplanned direction. The Doctor, shaken from his encounter with the fragments of psyches of the lost children of Gallifrey, who had been lost to the maw of the Untempered Schism. The Doctor’s distraction and the stress of their last jaunt on the TARDIS, plunges them into another danger, this time inside the TARDIS. With the clang of the Cloister Bells, they find that reality has fractured and it is up to the Doctor and Gabby to rescue Cindy from a gaggle of pocket universes. So much for a fun trip to New Orleans for some jazz and relaxation!

Nick Abadzis brings us a nice pocket story inside the TARDIS to bring back some threads that had been left dangling through the last story arc. A great little story to act as a great spring board for the next story arc. He does a great job to reintroduce characters from several issues back and subtly build on them. Great starting point to see where it goes next.

Elena Casagrande is quickly becoming one of my favorite Titan artists. She has a very playful take on the characters, that can quickly take a hard edge as the danger increases. I love her take on Cindy. She has a way with her body language that is both amusing and very endearing. There is a bit of a manga feel to her work, but in a much more western way. The familiar, but pushing the edges just a bit, but in a way that draws you in, instead of pushing you away.

This issue is on sale from Titan Comics now!



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