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Review: Winter Secrets by Val Griswold-Ford

Winter Secrets by Val Griswold-Ford

Winter Secrets by Val Griswold-Ford

Yes, it’s a strange time of year to read a Christmas story. Yes, it is absolutely worth it. The universe of Winter Secrets is full of history and magic, our universe but not quite. When better to set a story about magic than during the most magical time of year? Even a number of grown-ups believe in magic in December.

I was fortunate enough to meet Val Griswold-Ford in a writer’s group years ago. That group led me to her work and her blog which eventually brought me to her yearly Christmas story. Winter Secrets began as an Advent story, delivering a daily bit of sweet or nostalgia for 25 days in December. I was hooked on Molly’s story from the first. Maybe in part because of Schrodinger, the CrossCat who communicates by telepathy and loves books. Maybe because of the food or the bookstore or the touch of otherworldly that exists in parts of the story. Maybe because Christmas Carols remind me of my late mother.

The story has something for everyone – a touch of romance, magic (and not just the Christmas kind), Christmas carols, tea, books, and glorious food made by my favorite fictional kitchen witch. It is a family friendly story, appropriate for all audiences. I give this story an easy 5 stars. It is a short, easy read that sweeps you up, makes you feel all sorts of things, and leaves you wanting more of the story.

Winter Secrets is the first of several Advent stories set in Carter’s Cove. I hope Val intends to release them all as eBooks and that she continues the tradition in December far into the future. I love everything about Christmas and her Advent stories are like a little present you get every day. The annual visit to Carter’s Cove is one of my favorite things to read every year.


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