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Review – Iced by Gustavo Bondoni

Iced by Gustavo Bondoni, from Recondite Publications

Iced by Gustavo Bondoni, from Recondite Publications

Iced by Gustavo Bondoni

From Recondite Publications

Serial fiction has dwindled down in the age of instant gratification. I’m seeing a bit of a resurgence lately and that’s good news. It is a format I very much enjoy, even if I get a little impatient at times for the next piece.

I recently acquired a copy of Iced which is part one of a serial. As it happens, I’ve read a good bit of Mr. Bondoni’s work and have always enjoyed it. Iced is no exception. It is very short at only 19 pages but it’s worth the money and the time and I’m very much looking forward to the next piece.

Iced begins like a number of fantasy stories and you expect perhaps to jump right into the adventure, but that is not to be on this cold world. For Sangr, there has to be a few bumps before his adventure begins. Too bad this bump is a murder that he’s expected to solve.

Mr. Bondoni is very good at building an interesting world that makes sense to a reader without using a few thousand words to do so. It is a skill, to give enough description to make it beautiful and still keep it short and engaging. The mystery is clever, as is its resolution, and I very much wanted to turn the page and immediately find the next part. That’s the detractor for serial fiction, waiting for the next piece.

Iced is available on Amazon.



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