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Review: Moon Dance (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms) by Christine Pope

Moonlight, magic and mystery in "Moon Dance" by Christine Pope

Moon Dance (Tales of the Latter Kingdoms) by Christine Pope

Dependent on the kindness of her aunt and uncle, Iselda finds little to complain about as an only slightly lesser member of a baron’s household.  With her cousin’s wedding coming up, everyone is busy, but romance may be seeking her out as Lord Mayson, a neighboring count’s son and heir, seems interested in more than the friendship they’ve been building through the summer.

But Iselda is not quite content in the comfortable yet mundane existence of barons and counts, because her sister’s life has been touched by magic (Threads of Gold), and she longs for that connection of a true love match. As though Mayson’s confusing actions are not enough to keep her mind occupied, she soon has a bigger mystery to solve.  What is happening to the other young ladies of the castle every night? And who is the handsome stranger who watches over them?

I loved every chapter of this book, which is full of compelling characters, from the nobility to the servants. The mysteries kept me turning pages, even the ones I figured out before Iselda did. Iselda herself is a quintessential Christine Pope heroine, walking the line between being special and relateable, allowing the reader to step into her slightly uncomfortable shoes and experience the wonder and romance of her world.

Moon Dance is the final book in the “Tales of the Latter Kingdoms” series.  I must admit I’m kind of sad about that because this is my favorite of Christine Pope’s series, and my go-to for light fantasy romance. Fortunately, the entire series has re-readability, so I’ll be returning to the latter kingdoms time and again, I’m certain.  The brightest jewel among gems, Moon Dance is one of the best of the series, relying on less familiar fairy tale tropes.

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