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Random Thoughts I Had While Streaming

So, some may say that I spend an unhealthy amount of time with my Apple TV, which may be true. (got to watch something while I’m chainmailling) But you good people you get to reap the rewards of my binging addiction! How? You may ask. Well, by reading what I’m binging this week! I know, SUPER exciting. But come on world, you have to help me here. If you read my ramblings then I get to write off my Apple TV, Roku, Netflix and my Internet! Right? That’s how that works?

Anyway here we go! So as we are in the low TV summer season I’ve been able to catch up on some stuff which has been great. I finally got to Netflix the first several seasons of Arrow {CW} (ok, ok I may have been a little bitter about it not being a Smallville {CW} spinoff, but that’s another rant), season 1 of Dark Matter {SyFy} (Soooo good!) and both seasons of TURN {AMC} (also very, very good!).

As I have some time to kill before Netflix gets around to putting up the last season of Arrow {CW}, I’ve discovered “Throwback” shows on  Oh yes, it’s an awesome random assortment of ABC shows! Honestly, I probably won’t be watching most of them, but It’s been fun catching up on some older (and not so older) shows.

At this point (maybe 2 weeks in) I have seen the first 2 seasons of 8 Simple Rules (oh, do I miss John Ritter) and some of Reaper but rest assured there will be more to come.

Things still waiting for me… (to name a few)

  •  The TGIF classic Dinosaurs!
  •  Less Than Perfect (complete with a young Zachary Levi)
  •  SchoolHouseRock

And many others…Are you excited? I know I am!

Single Show Shout-out Time!

8 Simple Rules… {ABC}

8 Simple Rules

8 Simple Rules (credit- ABC)

I didn’t get a chance to watch 8 Simple Rules when it was on the air (never work the 12-8 pm shift if you don’t have a DVR, kids!) SO I was excited when I came across it on ABC streaming‘s “Throwback” area. I’ve always loved John Ritter (thank you Me TV reruns!) so I was very excited to finally be able to watch his final performances. It’s always interesting to watch things in retrospect. I knew that this was the show that he was working on at his untimely death. I knew the story of how his daughter was visiting that day. I even remember where I was when I found out we had lost his comic genius (the Chicago Midway Airport on my way to visiting my sister) so, that being said, I really do think that the writers did a very, very good job with dealing with the loss of the heart of the show. You really do feel that everyone was working through the trauma.

The only thing that really bummed me was that for some reason didn’t have season 3. So that’s it for this week!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, and come back for more random thoughts I had while watching too much TV!



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