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The Return of Supergirl!

Supergirl returns

image via The CW

Editor’s note: There are major spoilers for this episode and a character spoiler for future episodes.

The Adventures of Supergirl Ep. 2×01

Monday, October 10th, 2016 marked the return of Supergirl to its brand new home: The CW.  Last season the show was on CBS, but now it can officially join the collective “Berlantiverse” (Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow) of CW’s DC programming block.  The show’s production also made a move. Production of Supergirl is now working in Vancouver instead of Los Angeles; this move makes scheduling crossovers a lot easier because the other “Berlantiverse” shows are already filmed in Vancouver. A couple of crossovers between the four shows have already been promised for the season. The photos coming from production make it look like we have something fun to look forward to.

Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as the titular character Kara Danvers/Supergirl. Last season we saw a fair bit of vulnerability with her character as she learned how to be Supergirl and deal with her powers in a public setting.  Kara was awkward and sweet, but I didn’t feel that she was all that different from Benoist’s character Marley in Glee.  The shifting of the networks will allow for more complex storytelling as we have always seen from the other “Berlantiverse” shows.  This season promises that now Kara has a bit more of a handle on how to be Supergirl she is going to concentrate on how to be Kara.  My hope is that we see her develop from shy and sweet into the complex character that she has become in the comics.

The Adventures of Supergirl Ep. 2×01 begins at the moment that last season left off: the main characters celebrating their victory over the Kryptonians and the Myriad plot of last season.  During the celebration, a pod from Krypton carrying another alien visitor crash lands in National City.  While not stated in the episode, imdb lists the character as Mon-El.  This is a play on the origins of the character. In the comics, Clark names him Mon-El because Clark believes him to be related and he arrived in Smallville on a Monday. Supergirl also airs on Monday nights.

There are some new things in this episode. We see Kara at the new DEO headquarters, since the DEO’s previous headquarters was destroyed last season; Winn is now working at the DEO instead of at Catco; and Kara is unsure of actually wanting a relationship with James now that she actually has him.

This episode also brought us our first look at Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) as Clark Kent/Superman.  Hoechlin’s performance portrays both the vulnerability of Clark and the presence of Superman that has been missing in recent years (sorry Tom Welling, Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill – you are always in my heart.) Hoechlin’s Clark Kent is sweet as he encourages and counsels his younger/older cousin on work/life balance – how to be both Supergirl and Kara, and dating.  I love their interactions; they definitely have a family chemistry between them.  I can’t wait to see more – but not too much; while I love Superman this is Kara’s show.

Clark and Kara team up in this episode to save the day and another newcomer to the show: Katie McGrath (Merlin and Jurassic World) as Lena Luthor.  Lena is renaming LexCorp to L-Corp and is ushering in a new era for the company without her older brother Lex Luthor.  Lex has hired someone from prison to kill his sister and cause havoc in National City.

As the episode progresses we discover that Hank and Clark have a past and dislike each other while having respect for what the other does.  Clark doesn’t like the fact that Hank has Kryptonite stored at the DEO. Clark wonders why would someone who is his friend have something that would kill him. Hank’s position is that there are other Kryptonians out there and the Earth needed to be prepared.  Both men have a fair point so they have agreed to disagree in a civil manner.

The show wouldn’t be complete without Cat Grant giving Kara some serious hard truths about her life and her job.  Cat is the voice of reason in the show and lets the audience see that a woman can be both successful and seasoned while being a supportive mentor.  She gets Kara to face what she has always known about her, proving once again that she has incredible instincts about people.

The episode ends with Clark and Kara having averted the crisis at hand, and Kara deciding what she would like to do with the rest of her life career wise, and what to do with her relationship status in the meantime.  The relationship tension between Kara and James was awkward in the episode – as it should have been given the status of their relationship.

With new characters Mon-El and Lena Luthor added to the supporting cast of DC Comics characters, and more set for the season, I’m looking forward to what happens next. Check out these previews for episode 2.02:


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