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A Hellblazer Fan’s Dream Come (almost) True

Constantine on the CW (image: CW)

NBC did a great job bringing John Constantine to life on the small screen, they certainly could not have cast the role better. Unfortunately, NBC also killed what would have been my new favorite show far too early. Many Hellblazer fans, myself included, took to Twitter and to petitions to try and bring it back, and we did get a really wonderful cameo on the CW’s Arrow.

The CW announced today, during the Television Critics Winter Press Tour, that they will be picking up an animated Constantine, voiced by the perfect-for-the-role Matt Ryan, for the CW Seed.

I make no secret that John Constantine is one of my all-time favorite comic book characters. I have the first (okay, only) season on Blu-ray, I have art, I have quite a lot of the comics, and I’m always after more. I was incredibly sad when NBC canceled the show that I thought was excellent.

I am over the moon! I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I looked forward to an animated series quite this much.  I do wish it was the kind of animated series I grew up with, getting up early on Saturday mornings to watch all the fun stuff, but I’ll take a handful of 10-minute episodes online over nothing at all. Plus, if the animated series does well, it could lead to more cameos like we had on Arrow or even a new primetime show (hope springs eternal).



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