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Face Off Recap, Season 11, Episode 4: Snow Queens

The fourth episode of Face Off All Stars opens at the Face Off lab – outside the lab, there is snow everywhere, and McKenzie is sporting a bit of an Elsa look. In never snows in LA, so the winter wonderland was created for this week’s challenge. They will create beautiful but icy snow queens no one wants to cross, inspired by unique snowflakes that the teams have to dig for. Only have two days to complete this challenge and it is an elimination challenge.

Cig and George – woman who drowned, trapped under ice – they have immunity so they can really play. Sounds so neat.
Emily and Tyler – evergreen ice queen – like a flocked tree?
Logan and Adam – repeating pattern of the snowflake for a warrior queen.
Niko and Cat – Ice sculpture type ice queen.
Keaghlan and Melissa – and evil sort of queen.
Ben and Evan – Going with a black ice queen, using tree like designs.
Gage and Rachel – fairy or elemental type queen.

Before they get moving on design phase, they have a snowball fight. Niko expected snow to hurt a bit less. They sit in the snow to work on their designs and then retreat into the lab, pick their models, and get to work on sculpting. There’s a lot of vacuforming going on along with the sculpting. I think Logan and Adam’s ideas actually sound very interesting this week. The problem with working completely separately, is that you tend to not be cohesive when you do that as Ben and Evan are discovering but I think they’ll probably figure it out. I hope so anyway. Everyone is very busy and most people are very excited. Ben and Evan don’t really seem to be really overly excited about any of it. Emily is using some interesting techniques.

Michael Westmore arrives to do impart his wisdom on our artists. He starts with Logan and Adam and suggests they use a stencil for the cracking effect so long as they keep it from looking like a puzzle. Ben and Evan he encourages to do a light beauty makeup, keeping the accent color light. At team Cig and George, he too thinks they’re working with some interesting ideas this week with their frostbite idea but they need to watch the colors. With Niko and Cat, he explains that their cowl will weigh too much if they run it in silicone and they should consider doing it in foam. He cautions Keaghlan and Melissa that the plastic looks like horns instead of ice. They should use the silver of the contacts they chose throughout the makeup to make it pop. For Rachael and Gage, he has a problem with teeth but thinks it’s a wonderful headdress. When visiting Emily and Tyler, he thinks the sculpt has great texture and that they shouldn’t waste time with a brush when they’re painting and go right for the wash.

Most people headed for the mold room. Some very interesting hair and light appliance from Rachel. Adam’s ice armor is interesting but super bulky. Emily has never seen most of the movies everyone considers classic makeup type movies. She’s never seen Star Wars. I don’t think I can root for this girl anymore (not that I was, I’m solidly team Cig and George). George is vacuforming skeleton bits for their queen’s scepter and it is really neat. Emily is working with her strengths and doing some interesting wig things. Logan and Adan’s cowl mold is cracked which could pose a problem with silicone staying in the mold but they’re taking the risk.

Day two is application day. The models arrive to get all put together and there are some issues with edges and some of the fabricated pieces. Gage and Rachel have a little spackling to do with some moldable silicone. Cig and George and painting flesh to be seen under the appliance and the idea is brilliant. Ben and Evan are taking a bit more time then they should. Logan is using a stencil for the textures.

As they head toward Last Looks, Ben and Evan are in some serious danger which seems strange given that they only really did two pieces. With an hour left, everyone is determined to make it work. Apparently Logan and Adam think that a dark lip makes a pretty girl scary.

On the reveal stage, the judges are back where they should be and McKenzie introduces Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page before reintroducing this week’s Spotlight Challenge.


Niko and Cat's Ice Queen (image: SyFy)

Niko and Cat’s Ice Queen (image: SyFy)

Niko and Cat: My opinion: I was expecting something else. Not bad really. Sort of libertyesque. Definitely not on par with the rest of the field though. Judges’ Opinion: It’s the Statue of Liberty. Huge waste of time for hair. Not very successful. Simple makeup and too much like the Statue of Liberty. She feels a bit uninspired. She lacks the geometric beauty of a snowflake. A little anime looking. A nice piece. Kind of vanilla.

Gage and Rachael's Snow Queen (Image: SyFy)

Gage and Rachael’s Snow Queen (Image: SyFy)

Gage and Rachael: My opinion: It looks a little like a girl fawn to me for some reason. I think it’s the horns. Except I don’t think they’re supposed to be horns. Judges’ opinion: The concept is good. Hairpieces is neat. Taken more time for beauty makeup.


Cig and George's Snow Queen (image: SyFy)

Cig and George’s Snow Queen (image: SyFy)

Cig and George: My opinion: This is so cool. Very scary and creepy. I love it. Judges’ opinion: It’s interesting. Well done. Maybe not for this challenge.


Ben and Evan's Snow Queen (image: SyFy)

Ben and Evan’s Snow Queen (image: SyFy)

Ben and Evan: My opinion: It’s very simple and actually so much better than I expected. I don’t see a snow queen though. Nothing says snow there. Judges’ opinion: They made a big misstep. Too dark. Needed to go lighter in color.

Tyler and Emily's Snow Queen. (Image: SyFy)

Tyler and Emily’s Snow Queen. (Image: SyFy)

Tyler and Emily: My opinion: Now that’s the snow queen. Very interesting and neat. Very believable. Judges’ opinion: Like this a lot. Stunning. Concept of frozen tree. Brilliant. She’s absolutely beautiful. Snow on what, ice on what, professional level thinking that set you up for success. Film ready. Beautiful face. Blown away. Love this makeup. Good color choices. Beautifully done subtle shading. Creative. Sophisticated thinking.

Adam and Logan's Ice Queen (image: SyFy)

Adam and Logan’s Ice Queen (image: SyFy)

Logan and Adam: My opinion: I hate the armor. They have the best model though. The makeup is great but the “armor” looks like kid’s costume foam to me. Judges’ opinion: good subtle tone change in face. Costume very heavy. Single best use of stencils on the show. Gorgeous. Incredible profile. Good choice for the dark lip. The character is beautifully in contrast with the costume. Spectacular job. She was gorgeous and strong looking. Elegant.

Keaghlan and Melissa's Snow Queen (image: SyFy)

Keaghlan and Melissa’s Snow Queen (image: SyFy)

Keaghlan and Melissa: My opinion: It’s a little like Eowyne on ice – I like it. Very craggy. Judge’s opinion: Conceptually very nice but it’s a bit fuzzy. Proportion is off. She looks a bit masculine and draggy looking. If they had raised it up higher, it might have worked better. Ice spires growing out of her could be confusing. Not awful but the proportions were too far off. Felt like she was broken instead of elemental.

Winner: Tyler and Emily.
Going Home: Niko and Cat.

While I agree that Tyler and Emily deserved the win tonight, I think Cig and George’s look was incredible also – I want to write the story where their queen is the villain. There were some really interesting techniques used in creating it and I definitely liked it better than Logan and Adam’s look.

Next Week: Laboratory. Maybe a mad scientist sort of thing – which means, for me, Cig and George definitely have the advantage.


Team Bottom Looks Top Looks Wins Home
Stella and Jasmine II Episode 2
Adam and Logan I I
Ben and Evan I I
Cat and Niko I I Ep 2 Episode 4
Emily and Tyler II Ep 4
Gage and Rachel I
Melissa and Keaghlan I I Ep 1
Cig and George I Ep 3




  1. Do you know the name of the model of Emily and Tyler’s Evergreen ice queen?
    If you know her IG account I would appreciate it.

    • sarahwagner

      I actually don’t know the names of the models. There’s a list on IMDB but I really don’t know who is who.

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