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Comic Review: Titan Comcis’ Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #3.2

Picking up from the confusing ending of the last episode, we find the Doctor, Gabby, and Cindy together, but not exactly. Deep in the showroom of brand new TARDISes, the Doctor is shopping for a new model with Gabby and Cindy as his ever helpful sales persons

Titan Comics: Doctor Who-Tenth Doctor #3.2
COVER A: Claudia Ianniciello

Things are never exactly what they seem, but even more so in this story arc. Deep in the bowels of where ever they are being held, Cindy has broken free from the control of the multi-limbed creatures holding and seeming feeding off them and with a bit of telepathic help from Noob, she is able to find Gabby and the Doctor and Anubis still in the clutches of the aliens. Things just get more complicated from there!

Nick Abadzis gives us an interesting story to try to piece apart. Things are starting to get a bit more understandable in this issue. The story is starting to come together finally, though a bit quickly, that you’ll need to be paying attention to get it pulled together. It starts to come to what you think maybe be a conclusion, but you’re sent back off down the rabbit hole a few more times, before being dropped off the cliff at the end.

Giorgia Sposito gives us some great artwork to drag us a long through the frames. Giving a recognizable twists on the characters we know and throwing some very odd things along the way to really get us looking, the panels are never boring. She does a great job letting us know everyone at a glance and then hiding some great bits in the picture you need to really give them a good look to find. The action in the panels will keep you moving through quickly right to the end and then back to give everything a really good look.

This issue is on sale now from Titan Comics.


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